Friday Foto Finder: Light

We arose at 2am in varying states of sleepiness and drove the two miles downhill to the pub car park where we could access the footpath to the Peace Camp, a contemplative art installation.

We were told the event was a ‘contemplative experience’ by the rather earnest young man at the gate who asked us to please turn off our mobile (cell) phones, I knew exactly where he was coming from and was about to tell him how much I was bugged by people constantly phoning me at 3am every morning when I am trying to enjoy a contemplative experience – or dream, when one of my companions shot me a “don’t even think about it!” warning glare and we set off on our 30 minute walk to the installation.

As you can see from my photo and rather better from the video on the website, the event looked very atmospheric with the LIGHT from the tents illuminating the area.