I’ve always been thrilled by the sound of hot-air balloon’s burners (i’m easily pleased).

The photo above was taken in a small town in Spain when I was following La Vuelta (1997).

I would normally steal some amazing shot from Gurgle Images to illustrate my post but have at last found my photo collection on an old USB stick.

The inspiration for this post came when I was checking out my daily newsletter from the excellent Designboom website, I hope you will be amazed by this balloon photo….

…and then visit designboom for the full story.


6 thoughts on “Inflation

  1. Hi,
    Wow, what an amazing looking balloon, a castle on top of a rock, someone sure has artistic ability to make something like this, I assume it would not of been easy, it is just amazing, and it looks so real, I love it. 😀

    • It’s great isn’t it? Although I suspect this image is a badly Photoshopped vision of what the artist hoped it would look like – there is no shadow visible!
      I would have loved to been in Belgium to see the actual event though.

      • It is a bit of a let down in a way to think of the photo as being photoshopped. 😦
        I have only ever seen a whole heap of balloons together on the net, I have never experienced seeing something like that in person, I think it would be fantastic.

    • As much as I like the Orbit sculpture for it’s weirdness, I can’t help thinking about how many weird balloons we could have had for £22.7Million.

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