Sarah Outen (again)

Here is a photo taken earlier this week on the farm I am working at. The photo is poor quality and has been shot into the sun, the caption could be “WTF am I doing here?” ‘cos the place is a madhouse.

Some of the equipment we have to work with is a little basic…

When I applied to come to this farm, I was told we would start work at 09:30. I thought this was a bit late, surely farmers are up and out at the crack of dawn?
Not here, we are never picked up from our worker’s house before 10:30!
There is far too much chaos here to write about, but if I tell you that I have spent many days being driven hundreds of miles around the local (and not so local) area to dismantle concrete garages so that they can eventually be re-built on one of the farm sites (there are 6!) as Guinea Pig sheds – yes, that’s right Guinea Pigs as in Cavia porcellus, there are 200+ of these creatures being bred for….er, well, nobody knows really. They are not sold they are just ‘collected’, it’s sort of a hobby that got out of control…..
You get the picture.
I have been here since October 24 and will probably leave end of January, am planning my escape now.


I have written before of the exploits of the wonderful Sarah Outen, and she is mentioned here again because she went to school in Stamford about 11 miles from where I am living. The farmer’s daughter was at school with Sarah.
She is currently on another of her crazy travel adventures.


6 thoughts on “Sarah Outen (again)

  1. Hi Mags, have loads more photos of the farm which I will upload eventually. I loved that picture of the car (stolen from Google Images) too.

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