At Emerson College there is quite a heavy bias towards arts courses, with wood and stone sculpture, painting and pottery, as well as the performing arts.

When this weeks new students arrived on Sunday, I found myself sharing a table at lunchtime with 2 middle-aged guys who hail from Yorkshire.

Phil works at a Camphill community and has done a few courses at Emerson in previous years.

I asked him what course he was doing this time round.

“Clowning and maths”, he replied.

A forkful of green Thai curry came to a halt inches from my mouth.

“Clowning and maths”, I repeated, searching his face for a clue.

“Yes”, he said, as I looked to his colleague for confirmation. Dave was nodding.

My curry returned to it’s plate.

I looked at Phil, and back to Dave, to see if I was missing the joke somewhere.

“Clowning and maths ?” I tried again, slightly incredulous now.

Phil gave Dave a look that said “is he deaf or stupid?” and me a pitying look as he again said “yes”.

I laughed weakly and said “that’s a weird combination…….”

“Not really” said Dave “the mask helps bring out a more expressive side of the clown…”

“Oh! Clowning and MASKS” I said laughing……

I was telling this story at tea break today and several people nearly choked on their gingernuts. When everyone had recovered, the conversation got round to other misunderstandings.

I was reminded of a friend who was taking a group of builders to a site up in London one day very early in the morning. As they rounded a bend in a country lane, they collided with a deer. The battered Ford looked much the same as it had before the accident, i.e. as if it had been driven over a cliff!  The unfortunate animal also looked as if it had been driven over a cliff, and was killed outright.

Never one to look a gift horse hind in the mouth, my friend had his crew load the carcass into the van and they continued on their way.

When they arrived at the site, one of the builders was instructed to drive the van back to Sussex and put the deer in my friend’s garage.

On arriving home that evening, my friend was amazed to see that the normally quiet cul-de-sac where he rented a house, was blocked by police vehicles and lit up with floodlights.

The houses were set back from the road and a steep driveway led to the garages. The steep driveway to my friend’s neighbour’s garage was slick with blood, and several police officers were standing looking at a very dead deer. A visibly shocked old couple stood nearby being consoled by other neighbours…………..


10 thoughts on “Misunderstood

  1. If that chap had introduced himself to my teen she would have run a mile ….. masks and clowns are a great phobia of hers… oh and Maths maybe too we wil await what the GCSE results bring in a fortnight.

    funny deer story … my bro had his old but much loved Celica written off by a dozy deer when he lived in Kent… they do make big dents

    • It seems that lots of people suffer from coulrophobia – a phobia of clowns.
      You really shouldn’t have read Stephen King’s ‘It’ to your teen as a bedtime story!
      The students here don’t go about with white faces and orange hair though, which is a pity, ‘cos it would make the place even stranger than it sometimes seems.

      While I howled with laughter when my friend told me about the ‘deer in wrong garage’ episode, I feel sorry for the people who lived next door, I just hope they didn’t move to Pett Level afterwards!

      • hee hee the time I realised that clowns were a problem was at her 4th Birthday party… 30 kids having fun racing around in the local scout hut … in walks ‘Bubble and Squeek’ 2 clowns I had hired for the afternoon …. I then had 20 kids sobbing hysterically and clinging to me inc Teen… that was money well spent NOT!!

  2. That’s reminded me of a story …… why, I don’t know ……. I’ll relate it over at my place when my brain’s working properly and do a link back here …….. [note to self – write a note to self]

    • Look forward to reading that.
      I love the way, when i’m groping around for a subject to write about, that I can go off to read loads of other blogs, and suddenly that little lamp of inspiration lights up!

  3. At first I was going to ask if this was a blond joke and I once being blond was of course missing something.

    Our youngest daughter always dreamed of going to clown school. They have one over here in Florida and all they do is train clowns. She started claiming this as her goal for the future somewhere around age 4 and was still planning on attending way into her teens.

    Now she is an RN. I am not sure but that may be a scary thought! No it’s not really. She’s a wonderful mother of 4 and has been a nurse for years now.

    Of course after she the DR. and most eligible bachelor in the state of Maine she now stays home remodeling, granite everywhere you know, takes care of her 4 sons and has retuned to her studies!

    You always dream of your children growing up and becoming ridiculously wealthy. You know the dream where they love you so much they buy you a new home and send you everything you have ever dreamed of or wanted?

    Apparently only rock stars and movie stars do this. It must be for publicity purposes. We did get a card with a picture of them on their wedding day.

    I hope you have a great weekend:-)))))

    • I’ve seen lots of photos of Maine, it looks really beautiful, do you get a chance to visit much up there?
      Have a wonderful weekend yourselves!

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