carMy boss is now travelling in France on his honeymoon.

Today was my first day fully in charge at Wealden Flowers.

My first job when I arrived at the gardens was to count how many flowers we had available to sell and contact one of our main customers, Hilary Moore Flowers.

Hilary has a floristry business with branches in Lewes and Forest Row.

There are a lot of weddings at this time of the year, Hilary supplied the flowers for 5 this weekend!

White sweet peas seem to be all the rage for weddings at the moment. Unfortunately, our 3 beds of sweet peas have been suffering under the onslaught of the rain and it is difficult to keep up with the demand. So filling orders is made more time consuming than it would normally be.

Eventually all the flowers were picked. As well as the sweet peas, today’s orders included Zinnias, Sunflowers, Dahlias and Sweet William.

After delivering the orders I had to take a tyre to the repair shop to have a puncture mended. I was quoted £18.50 for this! Seems very expensive, but I can’t remember the last time I paid to have it done, my friend used to work in a tyre business so I always got mine done for free. When I went back to pick up the tyre, I was told that it couldn’t be mended because a nail had punctured too near the sidewall. This means a new tyre. The shop only has Firestone in stock in that size –  £88!!!

The tyre in question was from an old wreck of a transit belonging to the college where my boss has his gardens. He had borrowed it to transport tables, chairs, glasses, crockery and the seemingly never ending amount of paraphernalia that is required to stage a wedding reception .

After we had finished rushing around tidying up after the party at the weekend, we loaded all the borrowed/hired stuff into the van and set off to deliver it back. 100 metres down the road we punctured, in the single track road that leads to my bosses house. This road is actually a bridle path and the only traffic ever seen on it is on it’s way to or from the few properties that are up there.

Of course, ‘Sod’ had invoked his law and a car came to a halt in front of us. 2 minutes later another vehicle appeared behind us!

After locating the jack and wheel brace, we couldn’t work out how to remove the spare. After much scratching of heads and a phone call to the regular driver of the van (no, he had never had to use the spare, so couldn’t help us) we finally worked it out.

5 minutes later and things got worse….the van fell off the jack!

Nobody was hurt, but I was beginning to wish my head had been underneath to finally put me out of my misery. I wasn’t being paid enough for this, in fact, I wasn’t being paid.

I ran back to the house and got the much smaller jack from the car I am using this week. We used this to lift the car enough to release the trapped jack that the van had fallen on. Then we put the original jack in a more sensible place, at my insistence, as nobody else seemed to have a clue what to do.

We lifted the van.

Fitted the spare.

It was flat – of course it was flat, what else did you expect!

Run back to the house and get air compressor.

Pump up tyre.

Deliver stuff in van.


I had hoped to take lot’s more photos of these


but decorating got in the way and by the time I had finished they had all grown up and were nearly ready to fly away.

I did get some more shots but they are not good enough to publish. I also took some video footage on my battered digital camera, setting it up on a tripod close to the nest. The results were quite good, but when I attempted a DaddyP moment, the upload to YouTube was going to take a ridiculous amount of time and I don’t have video editing software as yet, so the Blackbird Blockbuster will have to wait.

Talking of the ‘old git’, I think he really may be coming down with something……..

Old Man Funny Face


11 thoughts on “Promotion

  1. a hectic old day hey??? Tyres are expensive things I am trying not to think about them as I will need two soon…

    My DP does look a bit green in the gills … this man flu is certainly worse than we thought!!!

    • I am enjoying having the use of a vehicle this week, but i’ll be glad to give the keys (and bills) back next week. Cars are just a bottomless black hole that suck up all your cash!

      Now he’s a major movie mogul, I think DP’s been burning the candle at both ends (and possibly in the middle too) all those 3 day media bashes you know…….

  2. My peabrain has turned to mushypeabrain now …… hey, I am a handsome fellow aren’t I? …… *preens* …….. *sneezes*

    I dislike anything to do with looking after vehicles having nursed many old bangers over the years. The first thing I gave up when we had a few quid was everything and anything that involved grease …….

    [manly hugs for links ….. at the very bored stage now …… I reckon back to normal tomorrow]

    • Hi Jackie, not sure DP will be checking over here anymore, now that I have the new blog up and running, but thanks for your comments, as always. Have a wonderful weekend filled with great photo opportunities!

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