stress-mmapI’ve had a hectic couple of days.

Before all you really busy people scoff and say “huh! You don’t know what hectic IS!”, I should make excuses for being weak-willed and generally useless qualify that opening line.

I don’t do stress.

Not in the slightest.

Can’t handle it!

Turns me into a shivering wreck curled up in a ball in the corner.

Relationships? Parenthood? ‘Proper job’?

I’ll give them a swerve thanks if it’s all the same to you, too much decision making and long-term responsibility.

Conflict? Arguments?

Makes me feel ill!

Regarding hecticness (hecticity?), on a scale of 1 to 100, my preferred level would be about –17.

Given the above, I won’t bother you with my problems…..I just need a rest…..


14 thoughts on “Hecticity?

  1. Love it…very well put! i am so glad you stopped over. Hey while you are resting do a Google search for free PSP tutorials. I don’t know why Google gives you a better selection than the other search engines in this particular area but they do.

    The European sites generally have the best tutorials. I have learned how to do them in German, French, Dutch, and even some pig Latin I am sure…lol!!!

    It’s really a fun little program and you can find all sorts of free filters and plugins.

    Of course, in comparison to Photoshop it does have it’s limitations, especially with photography. But, it’s quite fun and I find it very relaxing.

    I hope you have a grand, happy stress free weekend!!

    • Hi Jackie, thank you for your comments and advice, had a quick look at tutorial site earlier and when I find the time, i’ll have a go, I have a few photos that while not up to publishing yet, are a little abstract and might be good when manipulated digitally.
      Hope your weekend has been good too, i’m sure you have more good photos to show us now!

    • You must have had some stressful times on various building projects, and then there was that time you had to abseil over the cliff to rescue Gertrude……
      But yes, just put me on that desert island with unlimited food, water, electricity and internet access and i’d be as happy as a pig in proverbial.

  2. …. I have a HUGE sressville life style….. a ‘way’ responsible job that has huge implications for many folk over the decisions I take [nationally and European wide].. I have left a job that was totally confrontationable and in your face, I am a Mum and have an elderly Mum too .. but I handle them, or should I say juggle them… It is not for most folk what I have worked in day to day … but I have soul….what’s up GW??

    • I admire anyone like yourself who can juggle so many thing at once and multitask such responsibilities, my sister is just like that, in fact she’s never happier than when she has a crisis to handle. I just go to pieces…..

      • gosh you shouldn’t admire us we are completely barking mad … it can’t be good for you always being the plate juggler….. I think, however, I have struck a decent balance over the last 2 years … 🙂

  3. @ John: Sure you can, any good at fishing?

    @ 70s: It does make me feel inadequate though, when all around me other folk seem to manage a chaotic lifestyle that if I had to endure for too long, would surely be the end of me.

    • @GW: If they don’t sell plastic worms, I can fish with corn…soap…balls of bread. That kind of thing.

      Love albacore! Wonderful, prefer water rather than canned in oil.

      • Cool. I just actually started buying it rather than Tuna. Most of the canned stuff we get here in the States, OMG, so much water or oil. Albacore, couldn’t believe how much ‘meat’ there is…the taste…

        Used to buy tuna for value, totally switched to Albacore. I’d rather get it when I can than settle for less.

        That’s what chicken’s for. lol

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