Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen Departs Indian Ocean Solo Crossing Xxb5kQPmNqrl

Congratulations to Sarah Outen, who has landed in Mauritius after her record breaking row across the Indian Ocean from Australia.


On Saturday, I went to back to visit my previous Wwoof hosts and help them take their exhibits to the local village show.

I also entered one of the photographic categories – ‘A snow scene’ with the image that I use as my gravatar. As you can imagine, this photo looks a lot more impressive as a 10×8.

My photo won second prize, the first going to a rather ordinary shot that I would have been embarrassed to enter, in fact, the only thing it had going for it was that it had been taken by the gentleman who sponsored the category……………….

I got back to Forest Row quite late because the buses from Brighton were all delayed due to the traffic congestion caused by the Gay Pride march.

To get from Forest Row to Ditchling involves using 2 buses (2 different bus companies) and the return trip cost £8.30. I could buy a ticket with MetroBus that would take me all the way to Worthing for less than that! Why don’t people use public transport I wonder?


As you can see, I have finally found out how to change the ridiculous default font size that WordPress use, why they think that anyone wants to write/read a blog with script that small, I can’t imagine.

Also on the geek front, I have been using Google Chrome for just over a week now, and I must say i‘m very impressed. I got fed up with Firefox crashing all the time. Chrome looks very odd at first, it takes a bit of getting used to not having a toolbar full of stuff you hardly ever use.


9 of your most visited sites are on the homepage and you just click on them to bring them up in a tab. For instance, my page includes both my email providers, Google search, the two blogs I visit most often, the BBC homepage and all my bookmarked sites on


I received this in an email from Chichester Harbour newsletter the other day:


Two fines totalling £1,083 were handed out to two boat owners who broke the harbour speed limit.

The first incident took place on a Saturday in May earlier this year. Mr S Hobbs of Dorking was stopped after his rigid inflatable boat (RIB) was recorded travelling at 30 knots. The Harbour speed limit is 8 knots. As the area was quiet at the time, Mr Hobbs thought he was not causing any danger to other vessels. Portsmouth Magistrates Court fined him £833 plus £250 costs.

In the second incident, on a Sunday morning in June, another RIB was stopped after it was recorded travelling at 18 knots. The offender Mr J Peters of Bursledon was travelling across Stocker Sands near the busy anchorage area of East Head. Mr Peters was ordered to pay £250 plus £500 costs by Chichester Magistrates Court.

Maybe they’ll buy a rowing boat now…..



10 thoughts on “Sarah Outen

  1. I’ve sailed into Chichester on numerous occasions. It’s a very narrow entrance and if actually sailing, quite tricky. I’m pleased that the harbour authorities are on the ball there. The people on speed machines, if nothing else, are a huge distraction …… and well done Sarah!!!!

    I consider you won first prize by the way ….. in my humble opinion ….. nepotism! …. yuk

    • I guess if you’re trying to navigate up a narrow channel, the last thing you need is some nutter in a speedboat buzzing around. It always worries me when I see loads of people in the water at the beach and there are all those jet-skis around too.

    • Thank you Diane, yes, I thought it would win too, but to be fair to the judges, the hard copy that I entered is a bit darker than the digital image, I must get a new one printed.
      I’m really pleased with the flower shots, I think it was more luck than judgement though.

  2. I am so glad you stopped over the other day. thank you so much for doing so. I have found yet another lovely blog and a fantastic photographer!

    I am going to add a link to my blog so I can keep up with you. some times I am a tad slow though as I am on satellite.

    I simply love all of your photos and please don’t listen to anything DP tells you about me unless it’s all good!!

    Happy evening to you,

    • Hi Shinade/Jackie, thank you for your kind words. I really need to buy a better camera if I hope to keep up to the standard of so many great photographers i’ve discovered since I started blogging. Have you seen this site: BTW?

  3. bloody well done there GW with the photo prize … is that photo on Flickr would love to see it in all its glory……

    Also well done Sarah .. that was one helluva achievement.

    I have used Google Chrome for a while now as Firefox wound me up huge style… I too like the fav page so easy to use

    • Thanks 70s, have just put it on Flickr but it still needs sorting a bit.
      Chrome’s great, I can’t believe i’ve found such user-friendly software.

  4. Thanks Thinkinfyou, i’m not really bothered, it just means someone was deprived of the real 3rd place.

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