Logically Friday

goblinpencil If you thought the last post was baffling, here is a logic puzzle that I found whilst grazing in Haywards Heath library.

A Skirmish

3 goblins travelling together chanced to encounter a giant, who was alone, and 2 ogres, who were walking together.

A skirmish broke out among them and all combatants suffered bumps and bruises. Their weapons included 3 clubs, 2 staves, and 1 sling, used for hurling stones.

From the statements below, which ones were the goblins, which ones were the ogres, which one was the giant, and what weapon did each use? (2 names were Rido and Sumo.)

  1. No goblin used a staff, nor did Tor.
  2. The 2 ogres used different weapons.
  3. The sling was used by one of the goblins.
  4. Som, who was not an ogre, used a staff.
  5. Opi did not use aclub, nor was he a goblin.
  6. Tor and Zeb used different weapons.

As soon as  a commenter gives the correct  answer, i’ll let you know.


3 thoughts on “Logically Friday

    • Haven’t looked at the answer myself yet, I want to see if I can work it out.
      One of the broadsheets used to have one of these logic puzzles in their weekend supplements, but they were even more complicated than this.

  1. From time to time I enjoy this kind of puzzle, but alas, it is 12:55 am for me right now and it’s most likely that I’d just give up and use the sling to carry my sorry arse to bed.

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