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Wealden Flowers , where I am a WWOOF volunteer at present, is situated within the grounds of  Emerson College.

The College is a centre for adult education based on anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Despite having been here for over 3 weeks now, I tend to be mostly in the gardens, only venturing into the college buildings for meals.

So I probably know as much about anthroposophy as this beautiful sculpture


so here is a summary of what it’s all about

“In short, Rudolf Steiner’s concept of education has neither an ethical-philosophical foundation (as was

the case with Kant and Herbart) nor a socio-cultural dimension (as in Durkheim and Dewey) and also no

empirical psychological origin (as in Claparède and Montessori). It is deduced from anthroposophical neomythology

and has a metaphoric character. In the light of his interpretation of the microcosm, education takes

the form of growth and metamorphosis—the educator is a gardener and a person who moulds others. From a

belief in reincarnation stems the image of education as an aid to incarnation and spiritual awakening—the

educator becomes a priest and a leader of people’s souls. The theory of the four temperaments leads on to the

educational task of harmonization—the educator then being understood as a master of the healing art. With

these organological metaphors of leaving the child to grow and to heal, and with the religious metaphor of

awakening with these vérités à faire, Steiner built the levers that are still being actuated by teachers and

educators in his schools and kindergartens today.”

So, thank goodness that’s all clear now!

For anyone suffering from insomnia, the rest of the article can be found here.

All I really know about the place is that they produce some great examples of art,


and I find the BioDynamic Organic techniques very interesting, see the Carson Garden blog for more.

Oh, and the food’s amazing, and everyone is very friendly.


6 thoughts on “Anthroposophy

    • I have to admit that I don’t know Hepworth’s work, but i’ll take your word for it, just off to check him/her out on the net.

  1. 70’s is right ….. for a change. It’s a ‘her’ – she worked very hard but never progressed that far – not sure if she needed to though – I’ve got a very low boredom threshold ……. there’s a museum at St Ives I think ….

    We have friend’s who sent their children to Steiner Schools – in fact, I visited one when I was doing teacher training. They are all right in theory but there is a certain lack of direction which the majority of kids need ……. mind you, I’m a git ……..

  2. Yes, I see what 70s means now, the museum is Tate St.Ives, not very many images on the site, but i’m sure there are more out there.

    Since I have been at Emerson, I have heard it said that ‘there is a certain lack of direction’ in the management of the college!

    Have you both seen this site BTW ?

    • I haven’t looked at those of course, but some of mine are on there in the nature/flowers category, and have already attracted comments from Poland, Germany and USA.

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