WWOOFing & Woolen Ferraris

I was looking for an image to illustrate what i’ve been doing for the last 2 days.

Instead of kneeling in mud weeding flower beds,  Arjen, my boss, asked if i’d help him decorate a room in his house.

All the images I found of  ‘steaming wallpaper’ were pretty boring, but there were plenty of images of wallpaper, and I found myself reading a blog by a guy who designs wallpaper (for computers and cell-phones).

Before I knew it, I had blog-hopped to loads of other sites using the links on them.

So that is how I came across the above YouTube vid. It was featured on a blog that I bookmarked, with the intention of showing  70steen, ‘cos I know she’s partial to a bit of  this.

Anyway, all the steaming and scraping is now done thank goodness, any of you who have had to remove wallpaper from a ceiling with one of those machines will know how much fun it is! Today we start filling and painting………now I wonder what obscure site I can link to if I put THAT into Google Image search………..ooh look!


Last week Arjen decided we needed help to get on top of our weed problem, i’m sure that i’ll find a lost WWOOF volunteer from last year in the undergrowth one of these days!

So we drafted in one of the BD  (BioDynamics) students to help us.

It was while in conversation with ‘ex-rock star’  Claire that she said to me “so you’re a geeky gardener really then?”, hence the tagline on my title above.


8 thoughts on “WWOOFing & Woolen Ferraris

  1. how cool … a great piece of art too …

    Can’t imagine knitting something that big I have trouble with a tea cozy!!!#

    Thank you for the linky … oh and when you are done decorating I have a few rooms that need some brightening up 🙂

    • I’m thinking of going back into the trade actually, before we decided to do the job ourselves, Arjen had a painter come round to give a quote – £120 a day !!!!

  2. There’s knitting and there’s KNITTING ……. I think 70’s should knit a famous landmark of Manchester …… does Manchester have a famous landmark?

    Decorating isn’t a bad trade – I’ve done bits and bobs for people over the years. Nice cups of tea and gingernuts and left to your own devices for the most part ….

    • Isn’t 70s mansion Manchester’s famous landmark?
      Always used to enjoy decorating when we were doing the quality work, when we had to do a school it was a bore ‘cos they just wanted the cheapest possible job, just slap it on and in a years time it looks rubbish again.

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