Flora & Fauna

Sunday again, so it must be time to post more photos i’ve taken this week around the garden















17 thoughts on “Flora & Fauna

  1. Am I allowed to say f*****g stunning GW? If not I’ll just say f*****g brilliant – you’re rather clever aren’t you? ….. who would have thought it? *shakes head* – tee hee

    • Ta DP, i’m really pleased with them myself, I think i’ve just been lucky really. Every time I upload them I think, did I really take that??

    • That’s another reason that I can’t believe the results i’m getting. It’s just a cheap Samsung P800, the LCD display is broken so I can’t even judge what i’m taking, as I say, all luck and guesswork!
      I really want a Panasonic Lumix (with the Leica lens).

    • Thanks Archie, i’ve been lusting after a Nikon D80 or similar for along time, I had a Nikon SLR before in the days when we used to muck about with rolls of film, always said I didn’t want digital, but now of course i’m hooked!

      Thank you so much also for the gift, it presents me with a couple of problems though, finding 15 others and loading the thing on my blog!

  2. Beautiful GW .. the colours are truely wonderful..

    I would really like a Panasonic or a Nikon …. in fact any digital SLR .. my poor Kodak Z740 had been dropped so many times, had sand in it, the iny/outy lens has a dint in it, the LCD screen is scratched (nail file in handbag) & it has no lens cap but he is a faithful old chap 🙂

    • Thanks 70s, the colours in this garden are fantastic, i’m lucky to be here with so many photo-ops every day. The blackbird chicks are getting fed regularly by Mum and she doesn’t seem to mind me sitting 6 feet away from the nest, so should get some better shots soon.
      Your Kodak must be a tough old beast, my camera’s LCD screen expired through having it in my pocket! And you get excellent results from it. I was looking at http://easytobuythem.com/ earlier and they seem incredibly cheap.

      • Blimey GW the prices are good on that site … may have to buy a cheeky little Pentax number….

        Look forward to the seeing the chicks grow 🙂

  3. Awesome photos GW… the bee in the sunflower and the light shining through the trees are my favorites!

    I’m going to have a peek at that site you posted. Have you investigated yet?

    • Thanks Frac, I have just reseached that site, this is what http://www.networkedmediatank.com/printthread.php?tid=25554

      RE: Anybody shopped with easytobuythem.com? – MikeC007Mikec – Yesterday 12:25 PM

      It’s a scam. The company, EasyToBuyThem.com does not exist. Burlington House, Liverpool is detailed in their site, but the agents of this large office block have stated that the company is not based there and many people have been ringing to ask as why they have not received their orders; the telephone number does not exist in Manchester; if you try to use your credit card, it will be refused, but the number will then be used to make on-line purchase in the UK and USA; if your card is accepted, the number will be used to make on-line purchases in the UK and overseas. Merseyside Police and the Merseyside Trading Standards have logged many incidents of this fraud. If you have used your card, or attempted to use your credit card, STOP it now. If you have used a debit card, you are in deep ****!

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