Pooh Sticks


Went out exploring the area today.

Got a day ticket for one of the local bus companies, and at 08-00 I was in East Grinstead to get some flapjack supplies from Sainbury.

After hauling that lot back home, I rode another bus to Royal Tunbridge Wells to see where would be a good point to start walking in Ashdown Forest. After a good look around the busy town and ‘Pantiles’ shopping area, I got the bus back to Hartfield.

This is where A. A. Milne wrote and set the Winnie-the-Pooh books.

I walked down to the famous ‘Pooh Sticks Bridge’, visited by hundreds of tourists every year.

It’s a beautiful woodland setting, I bet it looks great when the bluebells are out.

After taking loads of photos, I made my way back to the road where I planned to get the bus back.

It was such a lovely day that I ended up walking back home, maybe on my next foray into Ashdown Forest I will go   here to get some photos for DP.





4 thoughts on “Pooh Sticks

  1. I was in Tunbridge Wells last week – in the Pantiles!!!!!! – what a small world.

    As already stated, I love Winnie the Pooh, probably the greatest influence on my life – well apart from that incident with a Ryvita and Marmite – I always feel that my life would have been different if I’d used butter and not gone down the margarine route – oh well.

    Gertrude would be very interested if you went to ‘you know where’. I have neglected him of late but he seems quite content prowling the cliff top – I think he thinks he’s a coastguard – leave well alone I say………

    • It’s a small world – but I wouldn’t wan’t to paint it!
      I can’t believe that bridge is so popular, as I was walking across the fields to it, I passed 3 groups of people returning from there!

  2. Thats really beautiful, I love playing poosticks. Theres an excellent bridge to do it on in the remote hamlet of ‘Chithurst’, just past Midhurst. Go past the Buddist forest monastery..up towards their secret woodland retreat..you’ll find it.

    Sometimes I dream of retiring right next to poo bridge.

    Love Adam Greenman

    • Hi Adam, must go and check that out sometime.
      Was working today with a woman who has WWOOFed in Spain (Orgiva) and Portugal, as well as over here. She was also working at a Buddhist retreat in Yorkshire. Will get round to that email soon.

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