Parties Around the World


I was reading the FMB Blog earlier this morning.

The latest post is about a brilliant new idea that a working Mum named Deirdre Bounds
has come up with.

Deirdre is the founder of an organisation called  PAW which stands for Parties Around the World.

I don’t have kids of my own (if  i’d wanted something noisy, dirty, expensive and unreliable i’d have bought a Harley Davidson) ,  but have been at my ever-stressed Sister’s house many times when crazy chaotic kids parties are taking place. The kids always have a fantastic time, the steadily growing mountain of soon to be forgotten presents is burying some poor pet in the corner, who was under the mistaken impression that her bed was for HER to lie in!

All those presents, all that expense, and for what?  Half an hours perusal then it’s back to the Playstation and stressed Mum has to tidy up even more debris – “where’s the  head/box/wheels  from this  robot/CD/car ???  Little Katie/Tarquin/the Johnson twins  bought you that!!”

Now, with PAW there is a fun, ethical alternative. Parties can be arranged around a theme, the  photo at the top of this post shows Matilda the star of the Elephant Party theme.

Parents are invited to donate to a charity that is chosen so as to be attractive to kids, so that they learn from an early age about the importance of giving to those less fortunate. Lots of the themes are animal based, so kids could maybe be taken on a trip to a zoo as an incentive to put up with receiving fewer presents.

I think this idea is going to be a big success, and wish Deirdre and her team the best of luck.

Those lovely people at


are even giving £5 to charity just for me to write this – what’s not to like?


13 thoughts on “Parties Around the World

  1. I couldn’t agree more – excellent idea. I shall cobble something together myself. This is why I like Fuelmyblog – they promote ‘stuff’ they believe in …… and Sylvie is very …… oh never mind ……

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