Hanging Tree

In  the village of Forest Row (not sleepy village, the A22 runs through it!), in the early hours of a summer morning in 1801, a mail coach was held up by highwaymen at the foot of Wall Hill.

Two suspects were later caught in Liverpool and first taken to Bow Street in London and from there to the County Gaol in Horsham.

At their trial in the spring of 1802 the two, John and William Beatson were found guilty and sentenced to be hanged at the spot where their crime was committed..

They travelled in a cart from Horsham, seated on their own coffins. Their hangings were the last hangings of highwaymen, and amongst the last hangings in England.

The Hanging Tree, outside the excellent Future Cycles   www.futurecycles.co.uk is thought to be the site of the Beatsons’ gruesome end.


5 thoughts on “Hanging Tree

    • I’ve just been looking in their window, lusting after an Optima recumbent, I need another £1,500 though…………..

    • Oh really? I didn’t even know it was a well known poem. Good bikes Pashleys, I think i’m right in saying they are one of, if not the ONLY mass producer of bikes in Britain, and they make the bikes for the Post Office.

      • yes it is The Highwayman … I remember we did a lot about Dick Turpin & the like….

        I can imagine that Pashley made for the PO the one I love is so English lady tootling around a chocolate box village like in an Agatha Christie novel.. not sure how well it would go down in Mankchester lol

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