Meet the Author

After Ryan left to return to The USA, I was the only WWOOFer. Things went on as usual, I went into a flapjack making frenzy061ClownFlapsometimes I like a day off from the pointy hat.

Chicks hatched,

Ickle ducks

Ickle ducks

Foxes raided, Then one day, another WWOOFer arrived, also by bicycle,



Greenman has travelled extensively, his travels taking him all over the world. He has worked in  India, Brazil, Ukraine, New Zealand and has WWOOFed in France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and many places in the UK.

We got on really well, it’s always interesting when you meet someone who has travelled so much, and Greenman has a never ending supply of anecdotes. He had already written one book of his travel adventures and has now just published another.

‘A Practical Guide to Wwoofing’ by A. Greenman is out now, mine is arriving very soon, you can see it here


8 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. New hairdo GW? ….. very stylish ……

    Greenman sounds very interesting – did he enjoy your flapjack?

    Foxes are getting very cheeky aren’t they ……. there are several round here that scrabble about over the cliffs. Always popping into the garden to have a nosey around. I think quite a few people round here feed them ……

    • That guys flapjack is the bees knees. Just one snag, its so damn good that a tray of the stuff just vanishes before your eyes. I just found twitter: adamgreenman. And hope to get onto wordpress soon. cheers daddypress

  2. That’s weird, I answered you earlier DP but it’s GORN!!!
    Anyway glad you like the barnet but it was an accident – all the dye leached out of my pointy hat.

    Everyone likes the flapjack, i’m going into business soon…..erm…Gitflap? Jack Git’s?
    Maybe I could ask for names and give a prize.
    Greenman just emailed me, he has put a link to me on his site, maybe someone else will comment now……

    That fox isn’t the one they were hoping to catch, the killer is still out there!

    • Thank you Frac, it certainly seemed to be popular in Royal Tunbridge Wells this afternoon, one gentleman was shouting greetings to me from the cab of his truck, didn’t really understand him though, unusual local dialect up that way, something like “Oyk, arrot-top! getcha arris outda road innit, ya pastee face git! Charming fellow, obviously recognised me.

  3. Wow you are Ronald McDonald why didn’t you say anything before.. you are so modest lol

    Love Greenman’s website may even invest in the e book … you have a link on there too

    • Soooo, that’s one Summer BBQ Beef, one Chicken Supreme, six Mozzarella Dippers, one Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad, large fries, one Cornetto McFlurry, aaand one large Strawberry Milkshake……….. anything for your friend Madam?

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