Bloomin’ Gorgeous


Just a few examples of the beautiful organic blooms grown at Wealden Flowers where I am WWOOFing at present.

All these photos were taken yesterday.






Hope these brighten up a damp Sunday.

These stunning plants are all grown organically in the beautiful Wealden countryside near Forest Row.

the website is


7 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Gorgeous

    • The Boss says that variety is called Black Peony (he thinks), i’m watching the poppy beds eagerly to see what colours emerge next.

    • Lovely aren’t they? Photos would be better if the LCD screen on my camera hadn’t expired and I hadn’t left my tripod at the last farm!

  1. loving the flowers particularly the poppy .. I am thinking of having a poppy patch in my garden … mmm any chance of some seeds?? 🙂

    • Beautiful aren’t they, there are some gorgeous pink ones too, amazingly enough some of them are only grown for the seed pods as a decorative item in flower bouquets! Email me and i’ll send you some. Hope you’re feeling better now BTW. (DP & his secretary both have my email address)

      • aw thanks GW will drop you an email in due course… I have some wild poppy seeds that grow on the sand hills in Southport, I wonder how they will survive the wet peaty soil we have here??

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