Back online (thanks 3)

Joe the angora aka Shawn

Joe the angora aka Shawn

Joe the ‘bad hair’ goat (ta 70steen) had to have his day at the salon much to his disgust!

It took Ryan and I the best part of an hour to shear him – for some reason he didn’t like being upside down!

We told the farmer to forget Joe’s trip to Alton Towers.

After his hair-cut it was time for the shampoo and set.

Ungrateful beast even bleated about that!

The Lady of the house let him know that she wasn’t impressed with his behaviour, she paid good money for treatment like this.

Joe knew worse was to come when Ryan tightened his tether and went for the hose.

Joe actually came to this farm in a terribly neglected state, the previous owners just kept him as an attraction for their customers, who I guess thought it quite normal to see a long-haired goat with such a horribly matted dirty coat.

His skin was badly infected under all that hair which had probably never been shorn before, and the farmers had to spend an awful lot of time and care to get him back to health. They made sure he was regularly seen to after he arrived, hence all this (there’s more).

At least the shampoo’s out of hair thinks Joe, as he plots his escape so that he can go and have a good roll in his paddock.

All this new easy life had turned his brain to mush, he’d completely forgotten the antiseptic lotion.

And of course there would be little point in medicating his skin if all he wanted was to get the stuff off again, so it had to be carefully protected, covered for a few days while it did it’s magic.

It’s lucky Joe hasn’t got any mirrors in his paddock so that he could see what his attire was, a  (clean, hygienically) old T-shirt that one of  family had worn out on a stag night  while at university.

Joe’s companion goat doesn’t read English luckily.

I’d love to relay the merry quips that adorned the garment, but as you know i’ve led a very sheltered life and didn’t understand them too well, something about multiplying I think, I guess they were Maths students.

When I first saw this, I thought Ryan had asked for a hood, he left us soon after, I think HE understood the slogans!

(you know how sensitive our friends from across the pond are).


It seems so odd that I haven’t told this before in a blog, all this happened a month ago!

So much more excitement to come.

I’ve just got to sort and delete about 2,500 photos and i’ll be right back………………………


2 thoughts on “Back online (thanks 3)

  1. We had a pet sheep once – Jo-Jo – a Jacobs. I was rubbish at shearing her,I was scared I’d cut her skin, she ended up cuboid. I had to give her a beauty trim afterwards with scissors. She thought she was a dog and used to go on walks with us [and the dogs ….. and the cats]. We sold her on as a pet when we changed from the good life into being antique dealers [ don’t ask – it’s a long story!]

    • Not easy that shearing lark, at the Show at Ardingly there was a shearing demonstration all done on a specially converted articulated lorry display, those guys make it look so easy! I think goats are good pets ‘cos they seem so friendly, of course it’s only ‘cos they think everyone is going to feed them.

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