I’m writing this via CRAP T-Mobile that actually works on trains and in Chicheseter.

But CRAP T-Mobile doesn’t work in North Peacehaven.

And CRAP T-Mobile doesn’t work in Ditchling Common, strange cos it’s only 3 miles from Haywards Heath.

Why strange?

Haywards Heath railway station sells more first class tickets  than any other station in the UK.

Don’t you do business CRAP T-Mobile??????
And guess what????

CRAP  T-Mobile doesn’t work in Forest Row.



10 thoughts on “YOU ARE SO CRAP T-MOBILE!!!

  1. Deep breath… breathe… 1-2-3 … breathe…. there you go that’s better (you know I should have been a nurse lol)… it is the weekend time for chillax

  2. smoke? it was more than smoke it was a volcano lol….. know how you feel when the ISP where ever it is from lets you down [I have given up with Orange and my mobile…. felt like smashing the phone to bits but stopped just in time as I realised it wasn’t the phones fault… don’t you just love/hate the modern world we are in?]

  3. Smoke coming from your ears? Why not use smoke signals then? It might be more reliable.

    chuckles and runs away… very quickly…

    (Sorry fraccy sis… now you’ll have to calm him down again.)

  4. Really sorry to know that it’s worse over there than here with them.

    I actually got a ‘class action lawsuit notice’ in the mail after my phone died and I refused to continue a two year contract with them. Chances are I’ll get .20 USD out of it.

    I’d rather steal WiFi from the neighbors and use Skype than go back.

    Never again…never again.

  5. There’s a conspiracy going on!!!! Anyone I associate with has trouble …… we need to take ACTION!!!! …. I’ll lie down and think about it for a start ….. there’s no need to rush …… but something MUST be done ….

    [and many thanks for helping to keep my blog alive!!!!!]

  6. Wow! Thankyou all!
    I’ve been blog averse for a few days, doesn’t it do your head in????

    How did DP put up with that?????

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