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    • It worked for the first day in Forest Row, see new posts….

      DON’T USE T-MOBILE, unless you live in Chichester.

  1. Land sakes dear GW, I’ve missed you during these last few months of fraccy foibles in the brick and mortar world.

    Uh oh… I see DP has been here and there I go reminding him of that whole ‘brick and mortar’ thing with my silly comments.

    (Perhaps he’ll be too busy organizing those grains of sand at Nooter’s request though… perhaps he’ll not notice…)

    I see by the previous posts, you’ve been feeling some ass and otherwise having some interesting experiences. Bravo!

    • Hi Frac, missed you too.

      I’ve been off-line cos of c*** service provider, that’s ‘crap’ not ‘cack’ and definitely not c***.
      Now have ‘3Mobile’ dongle borrowed from my employer, so I have PERFECT connection in Mid Sussex (hello T-Mobile), so I can post more, hope to entertain you all soon.

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