Goodbye Blogger

Not me you understand, or indeed any of you fine folks out there.

I am referring of course to that other lot.

Finally had enough of all that clart, yeah I know it’s a made up word, but you all know what it means.

Demolition day.

Demolition day.

Bear with me ‘cos I don’t know how to drive this thing yet (couldn’t even import all my rubbish).

Hope this will publish, and then I can spend many happy hours tearing my hair out learning how to work it.

See you soon, normal service (i.e. nonsense) will resume shortly.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Blogger

  1. Hi GW!

    I’ve got something quite top secret to tell you, so could you please email me so that I might be able to email you back? I might have your addy but am not sure, so if you mail me again (see how I’ll go to such great efforts to get mail from folks?) then I’ll be sure to have an addy for you.

    [Actually, I just like to pretend I’m a bond girl… or something like that… at my age, inventing top secret messages is about as close as I’ll get to bond-i-ness… nevermind… just mail me…. ok… :-)]

  2. Hi Frac, hope all well on the frozen wastes, or is it hot there now? Just off to email……….

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