Never Normal

Last night I could answer comments, tonight I can’t, so before you read/look at this post, here are my answers to your comments that you are about to leave:

DP: No, but I also find a cardboard box helps.

TnknfU: Goats do indeed have hairy nipples.

Archie: Mermaids? Never got close enough to tell, but at a guess, slimy.

RocketDog: I always said you were Pedigree, chum.

70s: Well OK……..but….frogs legs? That could’ve been my relative….(love the photos BTW)

Fracas: Yes, but not sure if they’re from Fracskatchewan, will get them to write a post for me Monday.

Please leave appropriate comments, or i’ll look even sillier than usual.

* * * * *

Am writing this in my room drinking home made elderflower wine at a WWOOF smallholding in Peacehaven (a few miles from Brighton). I cycled here on Sunday 10th May and am here until the 7th June, when I move to another place up at Ditchling and will stay there ’til the 22nd.

‘Beaconscroft’ is a very unusual place. It is run by Dave Millar, a very laid-back ex bricklayer and his wife ‘V’. Dave is skilled at all types of building and handicrafts and has built up a bewildering and rambling property from literally nothing (photos from when he moved here, soon) over the last 30 years. The enterprise includes 2 goats, 2 mad boxer dogs, a visiting lurcher named ‘Frank’ aka ‘the rug'(that’s him 3 photos above)

There is a windmill, soon to be used as a wind generator and ‘Naturewatch’ type observatory equipped with infra-red cameras, 2 wood workshops, a metal workshop/forge, a soon to be pottery, 4 greenhouses, 2 polytunnels, 2 caravans, a semi-subteranean building called the conservatory (that’s me climbing up the roof to seal a leak) that Dave is going to open to local drama/dance groups, an aerobic digester to cope with all the waste, at least 4 compost heaps (i’m finding new stuff every day), every hand and electrical tool ever invented and many others that were surely left by visiting aliens!

On Sunday a couple from Canada who have been teaching English in Korea arrive for about a week, a girl from Oregon is supposed to be cycling from London near the end of May, and 2 English girls have booked for early June.

So let me get this straight……..I can publish/edit posts, I can’t answer comments but I CAN comment on other people’s blogs, there is a big spinning disc shaped craft in Google livery hovering over the South Downs…………what does this all mean?

Answers to those (real) comments

TnknfU: You’re welcome, hope I guessed correctly! Love the Palahniuk book BTW.

DP: I thought I stole the idea from you actually, must have come to me in a dream (a few of your recent posts have included the pictorial equivalent of consuming vast quantities of hallucinogens).

As for the de-nitting, I had so much trouble with removing them from my 82-inch dreadlocks, that I gave up and shaved my head.

I have asked 70s to re-knit me some replacements (but not green this time), I believe she was making a start with the project on her journey to Sassenach-free-land today.


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