Ups and Downs

Finally got my bike (over)loaded and set off from Chichester at 11-00. Once I got going it was surprisingly easy, the difficult part was stopping ‘cos I was carrying so much weight.

The two worst things about cycling are wind and hills. Today the wind wasn’t too bad until I dropped down to the coast road. Lot’s of wind coming from DP’s direction. And the hills, again not too bad until I left Brighton. Now, I can go down all day, it’s the uppy bits i’m not keen on………. who’s sniggering at the back there?

Arrived at Peacehaven at 15-30. I’d had a look at GoogleMaps to check out the address, looked fairly simple, but I thought i’d better ask someone just to make sure, i’d ridden 40 miles ish and didn’t want to go any further than I had to.

The first person I asked was Spanish, and even if she’d known the address I was asking her she couldn’t tell me in English, I rode on and saw a guy washing a taxi in his drive, yes of course he new, up to the top of the road , follow it round to the right then it’s the second on the left. Great, except it wasn’t, maybe i’d misunderstood him? Rode on, saw a guy in his garden and asked him, after a sharp intake of breath and a pained expression he said “wellll…’s over there (pointing behind his house) up in the downs, if you follow the farm track at the end of the road there, keep on it all the way ’til you come to a main road, turn left towards Lewes, then take the first road left and it will bring you back up into the downs”.

So that is how I eventually arrived at my destination an hour and another 5 punishing mainly uphill miles later.

Was introduced to the goats and the mad boxer dogs, and had a look round, more photos tomorrow. T-Mobile coverage not too clever up here, so not sure this will even publish yet.


The following images have a tenuous link to something that is taking place over the weekend of 9/10/11 October, to win the basket of cosmetics pictured below, simply tell me what it is and where it will happen.

Oh, almost forgot, I need to know what links the images to the answer.

For the Shrek and Chef clues, think voices……………..

Easy eh?

* * * * * * * * *

14 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. I’m struggling ………the Summit Jazz Foundation are up to something but I don’t think it’s that ……. oh dear

  2. Humf!!! *sharpens spikey things, stirs cauldron and scatters magic potion en route to Archie’s place*

  3. DP: Another clue in a minute. Oxbow lakes? Don’t remember seeing any, but I was so knackered by the time I got here that it was all I could do to see the handlebars!

    70s: “Ribbit”, please change me back? I think Archie is in hiding. Hope your NVQ4 went OK yesterday, and you have a less hectic finish to your week.

    New clue:
    If the little white chap in the photo above suddenly collapsed, you might call him a *****ing goat, OK, now Google or YouTube that answer………………………

  4. I’ve just watched a fab video of a fainting goat – never heard of them before …..

  5. just wondering why you didn’t include motorists on your hazard list ??

    I will give your comp some due consideration tomorrow inbwix studying and having a tooth extracted… it may just focus my thinking ?? 😉

  6. DP & 70s: Apologies for not answering your comments sooner, I DID try last night, but where I am staying seems to be a T-Mobile free zone a lot of the time and it wouldn't publish.

    OK, you have 'fainting goats', well come on! The answers are out there………….eeezy peeezy!

    You're right about the motorists 70s, in the UK that applies to all vehicles, it's very difficult to see a cyclist when one is engaged in cellular radiophonic communication. Hope your mouth is recovering, I sympathise with you, I hate going to the dentist.

  7. Hannah Montana, Aretha Franklin, a voice over artist for Shrek, myotoniac goats and I can’t remember which show the chef comes from – oh dear ………

  8. I tried to send this yesterday.

    70s: DP has done a lot of work, but who did the voice-over for ‘Arthur’ in Shrek (where was he born?), Chef is a character in ‘South Park’ (who did the voice – where was he born?).

    You might like to correct DP, it’s myotonic.

    DP: You are so close!

    Archie: But they’re so cute. I’m a Piscean, fainting fish are definitely a no-no, especially when introduced to a mermaid.

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