Comp Preview

As it took so long for my last easy competition to be won, here are some images that were leaked to ‘Goat Monthly’ today

Full comp details Sunday 10th/Monday 11th

* * * * * * * * *

The following video has nothing to do with the comp
it’s just so bad it’s good!


9 thoughts on “Comp Preview

  1. Does this mean I’ve got to start using my brain again? It gets very tired you know ……

  2. Pouting gives the eye to an even cuter boxer dog who hugz even cuter animal in a Shrek style hug .. in the side lines ‘who killed Kenny?’ I think you all know it was the big gal with the bingo wings … she suffocated him and put him in a gold trimmed box lined with blue silk

    What you have not started your comp yet?? dang!!

  3. DP: I think 70s has just used my whole month’s allowance of brain input, i’ve got a headache now.

    70s: That was soooo close, but your right, the obscurathon, sorry, competition doesn’t start ’til Sunday at least, possibly Monday if i’m too knackered Sunday night. Don’t tell DP, but the master plan starts quite near to where he lives (and by August, I might be posting paparazzi style shots of him, can’t be that many people wearing cardboard boxes in E.Sussex)

  4. Hmmm, don’t know why that link isn’t linking, click on NoSpaces2 on the blogroll, that’ll take you there

  5. I’m just trying to make sure that the TG doesn’t see that – might try the old “I think I’m having a stroke” trick ….

  6. Is that right that Nike have offered you a sponsorship deal ‘cos you get through so many shin-pads?

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