Swanning around


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As it was such a lovely day yesterday, I got on my bike and went on a photoshoot down a local cyclepath called ‘The Salterns Way’, it’s the red line on the map.

It’s a lovely ride, on mainly traffic-free roads and bridleways across farmland. If you follow it to the end it takes you to West Wittering and actually runs past the end of the garden of ‘Redlands’ (Keith Richards’ house).

I didn’t get that far yesterday, ‘cos I kept stopping to take photos, here are a few of them:

Swan step-aerobics at the end of Chichester Canal where it drains into the marina

Mr.Swan had come over the beam from the other side to forage around the lock gates which are just to his right in the above photo, his mate had a look and then she thought “silly sod! It’s not worth the effort.”

A view from Dell Quay sailing club. There was a dinghy race going on, but this caught my eye

St.Mary’s Church, Apuldram. I love to explore. I didn’t even know this place existed before yesterday.

Not only is it not visible from the road, there is no vehicular access to it, you have to walk down a footpath to find it.

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Lastly, there is a prize from http://iffyton.co.uk/end-of-the-line for the first reader to tell me the connection between this post and the following video, I think i’m on pretty safe ground here ‘cos it’s nearly impossible, but if nobody gets it, I will add a clue here tomorrow.


24 thoughts on “Swanning around

  1. I need at least another clue …… classic photo of the church GW BTW.

    Been very tempted in the past to live on one of those house-boats on the canal just over from the marina ….. one very posh one was for sale about a year ago – expensive though …..

  2. There are at least 3 with ‘for sale’ boards up at the moment, i’d love to live there too, some years ago there was one for rent, but it was too expensive for me at the time

  3. OK – the t-shirts are for sale and there’s a ‘For Sale’ sign at the beginning of the video – what’s the prize BTW?

  4. Oh – it’s a t-shirt isn’t it? I’m still working on the problem …….. mmmmmmmm

  5. Have you been researching or do you have a photographic memory when it comes to Goddesses’ names, I didn’t even know her name ’til I just looked it up, and i’ve got the CD/DVD box set !

    Sharon has only a tenuous link to the answer BTW…………………

  6. every time I click on the you tube link everything freezes on old boy PC…… I am trying !!

  7. Swan Upping is an annual ceremonial and practical activity in Britain in which mute swans on the River Thames are rounded up, caught, marked, and then released….. I’m going for the coat being trimmed with swan’s up ….tee hee

  8. OK, well done 70s, very clever answer, unfortunately, it’s a very clever WRONG answer.

    The connection has nothing to do with the band, the answer could just as ‘easily’ be found if i’d put up videos of Barbara Streisand, Elvis, Whitney Houston, Backstreet Boys, or two artists called Eisley, and 3T. I hope you understand why I didn’t favour these options.

    Nothing to do with swans either.

    The picture at the beginning of the post is a clue.

  9. ‘Memories’ – ‘Cats’ – ‘Pink Panther’ – erm…….

    OR ‘Memories’- Andrew Lloyd Webber – swans have webbed feet….

    I GIVE UP!!!!

    PS I was in Hayling Island over the weekend. Very nice too.

  10. Magandang araw Lizza, wrong i’m afraid, would be good if you could win 2 prizes in a week.

    A few tips :
    Forget the video, it’s the title.
    Think about what a magnifying glass does.

    Glad you like that beautiful old church, i’ve got some other church photos that are quite good, i’ll have a look later.

    Another competition coming soon, prize will be small selection of cosmetic products. (mainly Estee Lauder)

  11. Been working on anagrams of ‘memories’ and biggifying your piccies – no luck …… tsk

  12. I don’t know what biggifying program you’re using, are you sure your screen doesn’t need cleaning ? Haven’t mislaid your specs ?

  13. Ha! One of the boats is called ‘Memories’.
    I can now forget all about this at last, it has been perplexing me I must admit!

  14. Well done Diane, I knew someone would get there in the end, let me know which shirt you want, and what address to send it to.I have e-mailed you before, so you probably have my e-mail address, if not let me know here and i'll re-send it to you.

    At last I can forget about this too, I didn't want to publish too many posts in case the comp got buried.

    I'll try to make the next one easier, it will probably be sometime next week when the 'Goats & Rubber' master plan starts.

  15. Drat I was going to say that what Diane said !!

    (I wasn’t realy mine was ‘Random Big Pink Cats Invade Chichester Harbour in search of childhood memories’.. close though lol )

  16. If I had a second prize for inventiveness, you would get it 70s.

    Keep your eyes peeled for (possibly) goat related competition next week…………….

  17. Poo poo and double poo – I was biggifying the wrong piccy!!!!!! ……. I mean well done Diane ….. congratulations …. excellent ….. *mumble mumble* *pout* *sulk*

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