Swanning around


* * * * * * * * *

As it was such a lovely day yesterday, I got on my bike and went on a photoshoot down a local cyclepath called ‘The Salterns Way’, it’s the red line on the map.

It’s a lovely ride, on mainly traffic-free roads and bridleways across farmland. If you follow it to the end it takes you to West Wittering and actually runs past the end of the garden of ‘Redlands’ (Keith Richards’ house).

I didn’t get that far yesterday, ‘cos I kept stopping to take photos, here are a few of them:

Swan step-aerobics at the end of Chichester Canal where it drains into the marina

Mr.Swan had come over the beam from the other side to forage around the lock gates which are just to his right in the above photo, his mate had a look and then she thought “silly sod! It’s not worth the effort.”

A view from Dell Quay sailing club. There was a dinghy race going on, but this caught my eye

St.Mary’s Church, Apuldram. I love to explore. I didn’t even know this place existed before yesterday.

Not only is it not visible from the road, there is no vehicular access to it, you have to walk down a footpath to find it.

* * * * * * * * *

Lastly, there is a prize from http://iffyton.co.uk/end-of-the-line for the first reader to tell me the connection between this post and the following video, I think i’m on pretty safe ground here ‘cos it’s nearly impossible, but if nobody gets it, I will add a clue here tomorrow.


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