Cakes, Quacks and Crazies

It’s been so long since i’ve written anything for this blog that i’ve nearly forgotten the little I know. This is because I discovered an internet auction site called Swoopo and have spent far too much time glued to the screen.

Also, since making Soda bread the other day I have gone into a cooking frenzy. More bread, an enormous tuna/pasta bake, coconut and ginger flapjack and this cake that I baked for a friend’s birthday. It was going to be carrot cake, but she said she would prefer a ginger one, so I just decorated it with marzipan carrots, the icing and filling is lemon butter cream – de-lish!

When I returned from the library yesterday, I was walking down the side of my house and spotted this duck with her 9 ducklings (crap photo, taken on rubbish camera phone). This stream is the River Lavant, it’s quite low now and in the summer will dry up completely. Last year there was a duck with 12 ducklings, but every time I saw them again they were fewer, lost to predators, foxes possibly or larger birds ? The last time I saw them there were only 3 left.

This is the same river up at Lavant.

I also went into Chichester College yesterday to register for a computer course, it’s only part-time, but is part of a City & guilds qualification. Even better it’s free ‘cos i’m unemployed, every little helps. Not too sure about the dodgy image on my student card though, I have to go for an induction tomorrow, maybe i’ll tell them to get the I.T. guys out to look at that web-cam!

No more bad quality photos! I bought a charger for my digital camera on ebay the other day, and it arrived today, the battery is almost charged as I write this, so I will be spending time this evening working out how to use the camera.


What am I reading ?

Drinking his whiskey neat, he says, “First, what you have to do is escape from inside a locked insane asylum.” Then, he says, you have to hitchhike cross-country, wearing nothing but plastic booties and a paper getup that won’t stay shut in back. You need to arrive about a heartbeat too late to keep a repeat child-molester from raping your wife. And your Mother.
Spawned out of that rape, you have to raise up a son who collects a wagonful of folks’ old, thrown-out teeth. After high school, your wacko kid got’s to run off. Join some cult that lives only by night. Wreck his car, a half a hundred times, and hook up with some kind-of, sort-of, not-really prostitute.

Along the way, your kid got’s to spark a plague that’ll kill thousands of people, enough folks so that it leads to martial law and threatens to topple world leaders. And, lastly, your boy got’s to die in a big, flaming, fiery inferno, watched by everybody in the world with a television set.


12 thoughts on “Cakes, Quacks and Crazies

  1. Great cake GW it is making me hungry I must cook some tea.

    Can’t say I recognise the book sounds a bit weird for my taste.
    Oh if I were you I wouldn’t put all your details on show as there are a lot of strange, untrustworthy folk about (just a thought)

    [DP sent me a message. Sorry for the confusion on your google reader. I was doing a post last night and hit send instead of save. So I pulled the post back but it’s memory must have remained … oops!! Won’t do it again. Anyway there is a post there now]

  2. Thank you for popping over to mine and leaving such a lovely comment …. I’ll have a small slice of your fabby cake I will have it after tea 🙂

  3. I thought that might have been the problem after I was posting this nonsense, 'cos I never get it right first time, anybody reading while I am editing it after it's already published must wonder what's going on.

    I did wonder about leaving the name on view, but I don't have THAT many normal, trustworthy folk looking in, so probably be OK re the dodgy ones 'til i'm world famous like you, DP & the Fracmeisteress.

    And yes, it is a very weird book, one of his other books was made into quite a famous film starring Brad Pitt.

  4. I think we are more infamous lol

    A wise decision on the ID front but I have managed to open a Harrods account and bought a new 42″ flat screen TV hope you don’t mind? 😉

  5. Looks like I could hire you to cater if I became a party planner. The cake looks lovely.

    As for the book, it sounds sooooo familiar! Is it Palaniuk? Rant? I absolutely love him,although Rant wasn’t my favorite book of his. I liked Choke and Invisible Monsters better.

  6. 70s: Well done, can you let me know how you did that, my bank won’t increase my maxed-out overdraft, and nobody will give me a credit card (probably just as well!)……………..

    Thinkinfyou: I knew it would be either you or Archie that got it. I’ve just borrowed ‘Choke’ from the library, sounds equally weird.

  7. That is quite the dodgy photo on your ID card. You should talk to Olga the traveling bra. She’s got her own Saskatchewan driver’s license you know…

    (Oh, and I clickied your links… and you know what? I actually found somewhere I needed to be at. Google ads works!)

  8. Thanks Frac, i’ve found the odd interesting one myself, whenever I visit Fraccers I usually find one that interests me. I actually got an email from Google the other day, saying that i’d earnt $10! Don’t worry, I won’t spend it all at once!

  9. I do hope the camera works OK GW – I have a feeling you’re going to have a lot of fun with it.

    It’s always a bit distressing when ducklings disappear or when moorhens become lesshens ……

  10. Thanks DP, i’ve got a list of photographic projects in mind as soon as I work out how to use it properly.

    I was woken at about 1am by a noise that I eventually worked out was a very distressed sounding duck, so i’ve got a feeling she’s already got fewer beaks to feed.

  11. I think they are more disturbing than weird,but he puts a twist on a story like no other,not so much with Rant but with Choke the ending you’ll never see it coming! You’ll have to let me know what you thought.

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