Cakes, Quacks and Crazies

It’s been so long since i’ve written anything for this blog that i’ve nearly forgotten the little I know. This is because I discovered an internet auction site called Swoopo and have spent far too much time glued to the screen.

Also, since making Soda bread the other day I have gone into a cooking frenzy. More bread, an enormous tuna/pasta bake, coconut and ginger flapjack and this cake that I baked for a friend’s birthday. It was going to be carrot cake, but she said she would prefer a ginger one, so I just decorated it with marzipan carrots, the icing and filling is lemon butter cream – de-lish!

When I returned from the library yesterday, I was walking down the side of my house and spotted this duck with her 9 ducklings (crap photo, taken on rubbish camera phone). This stream is the River Lavant, it’s quite low now and in the summer will dry up completely. Last year there was a duck with 12 ducklings, but every time I saw them again they were fewer, lost to predators, foxes possibly or larger birds ? The last time I saw them there were only 3 left.

This is the same river up at Lavant.

I also went into Chichester College yesterday to register for a computer course, it’s only part-time, but is part of a City & guilds qualification. Even better it’s free ‘cos i’m unemployed, every little helps. Not too sure about the dodgy image on my student card though, I have to go for an induction tomorrow, maybe i’ll tell them to get the I.T. guys out to look at that web-cam!

No more bad quality photos! I bought a charger for my digital camera on ebay the other day, and it arrived today, the battery is almost charged as I write this, so I will be spending time this evening working out how to use the camera.


What am I reading ?

Drinking his whiskey neat, he says, “First, what you have to do is escape from inside a locked insane asylum.” Then, he says, you have to hitchhike cross-country, wearing nothing but plastic booties and a paper getup that won’t stay shut in back. You need to arrive about a heartbeat too late to keep a repeat child-molester from raping your wife. And your Mother.
Spawned out of that rape, you have to raise up a son who collects a wagonful of folks’ old, thrown-out teeth. After high school, your wacko kid got’s to run off. Join some cult that lives only by night. Wreck his car, a half a hundred times, and hook up with some kind-of, sort-of, not-really prostitute.

Along the way, your kid got’s to spark a plague that’ll kill thousands of people, enough folks so that it leads to martial law and threatens to topple world leaders. And, lastly, your boy got’s to die in a big, flaming, fiery inferno, watched by everybody in the world with a television set.


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