Half Baked ?

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Strangest Degree Course

‘Gone are the days when only traditional academic disciplines were offered for further study. A quick trawl of UK prospectuses reveals that Faringdon University offers a three-year BA in ‘Carrot husbandry’, a course that is only mildly stranger than Nuffield’s ‘Correct use of furniture’ or Durham’s ‘Advanced blinking’. Our favourite is the BA offered by the University of Slough in ‘Whatever you want’ in which you spend three years doing . . . whatever you want. Slough has reported, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the success rate is 100 per cent.’

‘The Fourth Bear’ by Jasper Fforde.

My Open University course starts May 2nd and I still haven’t received any course books. After searching the rambling and confusing OU website, I found ‘Materials Despatch’.

According to DHL Tracking, my parcel left their Horndean depot on the 20th April. I could cycle to Horndean in a couple of hours, but somehow they have taken 7 days (and counting).

Have now contacted the relevant OU department, who tell me they hope to reply within 48 hours.

* * * * *

Thought i’d bake some Soda bread today, it’s so easy to make and you don’t have to wait for it to rise then knock it back down and wait for it to rise again. Once you’ve got used to it, a loaf can be cooling on the work-top after an hour from starting.

If anyone is interesteed this is the recipe:

450gm Wholemeal flour
50gm fat (Trex or similar)
4 tablespoons oats
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda
300ml milk
half teaspoon lemon juice

Mix flour, Bicarb,salt
Add fat
Mix in oats
Slowly add milk and lemon juice

Knead mixture and leave for a few minutes to allow oats to soak up moisture, split into 2 loaves
Bake at 220 degrees C. for 30 mins.

Leave to cool slightly,


4 thoughts on “Half Baked ?

  1. I used to cook soda bread – I might have another go – I love bread while it’s still warm – yummy.

    Aren’t websites that don’t work intuitively really annoying ……. [reciprocal question therefore no question mark]

  2. I have to keep reminding myself not to take it out on my poor laptop.

    My Sister phoned me today, I sold her my old Toshiba a couple of years ago now. I didn’t have one problem all the time I owned it. She is just having the screen replaced for the THIRD time, and last month had to have a new hard drive fitted, luckily it is covered by insurance.

  3. I am not a baker (more of a cook than a baker) but that looks simple even for me

    What course are you doing at OU ???

  4. 70s: Have a go, teach the Teen, it’s so easy and the results are so tasty that you will be hooked.

    My course is DD121 ‘An intro to the social sciences, part 1’.

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