Sleep Blogging

My sleep patterns are all over the place at the moment.

Yesterday was fairly typical:

Wake up 6am, get up, make cup of tea, turn laptop on. Ablutions, more tea, swear at computer (a tip I picked up from an article called ’10 ways to speed up your PC’). Check e-mails in the vain hope that one of the companies i’ve applied to might deign to let me know one way or the other, i’m not holding my breath !

More tea, mmm, what’s that ache? When did I last eat? Make breakfast, no time to cook, it’ll have to be muesli or ‘trill’ as Terry Wogan calls it.

Water house plants, take cuttings and pot them. Back to computer, go to Googlereader, check essential blogs first, DP, 70s, Fracas, Archie (do BBC Quiz), Diane, John, Thinkinfyou…….add comments.

Is that the time? More tea, check food cupboard, mmmm. Take chance and cycle to supermarket, nobody tried to kill me today for a change.

Look for anything interesting to photograph. Saw these toy cars the other day. When I was about 5 years old my Father owned 2 shops, one selling washing machines and other white goods, and the other (next door) sold toys and prams. I had a light blue version of one of these cars. They are worth a fortune these days. There are 2 examples on Ebay, one is immaculate and the other needs restoring, the seller has them on ‘buy it now’ at £899 and £495 respectively, I think that’s overpriced, but it gives you some idea.

At the moment I am taking photos with a rubbish camera phone, I bought a very nice 8mp camera at a car-boot sale recently, but there was no charger with it. It’s next on my shopping list.

I resisted going into my ‘second home’ (the library), i’m still trying to get through the books I picked up on my last visit.

Back home, put some pasta on for dinner, chop onions/garlic. Back to computer, cup of coffee, check e-mail again, look at Jobcentre site (waste of time), look at blogs again. Finish off tuna/pasta mix, leave to soak up herbs and passata.Tidy flat ‘cos I can’t find important letter, how did it burrow it’s way under all those newspapers?

More coffee, back to computer, Stumbleupon, Googlereader, sites about writing HTML, etc. Eat dinner while listening to ‘The Now Show’ on BBC Radio4. Try to think of subject for my blog. Mind blank. So in awe of DP’s ‘DP Whittington’ improv post, that I worry i’ll never write anything that good.

Give up thinking about it ‘cos lack of ideas annoying me now, add last comments, turn off computer. Read book, ‘The Fourth Bear’ by Jasper Fforde (very funny). Sleep. Wake up and turn radio on, try to guess what time it is before they say, feels like early hours, Midnight news comes on ! Now wide awake, make tea, write rough outline ,edit, find image, download, check blogs, write this nonsense. 5-15am.


5 thoughts on “Sleep Blogging

  1. Ah the diary of a Gitwizard

    Gawd I was up at 5 yesterday and this morning …I have got a infected bloody root canal and would have gladly ripped the tooth out last night had I had some pliers … love the ‘ickle cars they are so cute ….

  2. Ooooh noo! You have my sympathies 70s, i’ve never had that myself, in fact the only serious tooth problem i’ve ever had was an abcess, and that was bad enough. Hope you’re better soon.

    Cars are great aren’t they ? The guy has 4 of them, also a vintage speedway motorcycle, and an old Morgan Car (full size).

  3. Love the Now Show …… now there are some people to be in awe off ….. [you’re very kind about my rubbish GW and I thank you]

    We must send a little prayer to the tooth fairy to help 70’s ………

  4. I always wanted one of those cars when I was kid – actually the first real car I had was an A30 which I think they were based on ….. ahhhh, those were the days ……

  5. According to the Ads on ebay they are J40’s, don’t know if that was a real full size model. I love all those old cars/motorcycles, ive lost count of the number of autojumbles i’ve been to. Before his balance went, my father was a member of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club, and had many old bikes, I had a few myself.

    Living so close to Goodwood, there are always beautiful old vehicles running about Chichester, when I get the charger for my camera I will start posting photos on a regular basis.

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