Muppets !

OK, sussed it.

Put crap vids on your blog, loads of people will comment.

Much more to come


6 thoughts on “Muppets !

  1. James Blunt is awesome …. mmmm not sure of your intentions however??
    ‘Put crap vids on your blog, loads of people will comment.’

  2. Wow. I was going to be blunt and tell you that I’ll click yours if you click mine… but I got to the comments, saw that you were talking about licking things and realized your blunt was better than my blunt.

    (But I have clicked… and quite nearly ended up buying some wrinkle cream…not that I need it of course… no… not me)

  3. I’m a Suvverner like DP Frac, it’s Norverers what are blunt !

    Wrinkle cream? Is this some ridiculous Google Ad ? I thought you’d fallen out of love?

    You can always click mine, but take it easy, mine’s a little tender at the moment.

    Where’s that cream ?

  4. The wrinkle cream was your google ad.

    I clicked your ad (and I liked it).


    Seth Godin thinks clicking the text ads on blogs you like, is the new way to ‘tip’ people because they get a few cents and you didn’t have to go make a donation. You can only do it every now and then though, otherwise it’s really not very honest… and if google thinks you’re cheating, they’ll just take away your adsense account. But once in a while, clicking some ad that interests you is ok. I know that sooner or later I’m gonna end up buying something that way. Found some neat stuff that way. I guess that’s the idea behind the ads though… lol.

    I wish more people would click MY text ads once or twice a week. I keep nagging them, but they don’t listen.

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