Zut alors !

I love the French.

I love everything about France.

Except blowing up Greenpeace ships obviously.

I would happily move to France tomorrow.

After hearing about the fisherman’s blockade of 3 French ports, I went to BBC News to get more info for this nonsense I write.

There are some bizarre stories there (it’s not still April First surely, am I stuck in a virtual time-warp ?)
See links above.

I was reminded of the time I went on a day trip to Cherbourg.

Having loads of time before the ferry home, and not wanting to carry 220 litres of wine around with me, I decided to have a walk round the town.

There was a strange smell in the air, a bit like burning rubber.

After walking for a while, I saw black smoke rising above the buildings in front of me.

Turning a corner, I was confronted with an amazing scene.

In the middle of an enormous road junction, a massive bonfire was ‘well alight’, protesters (never did find out what the protest was about) were standing around enjoying alcoholic refreshment, local Gendarmes were also on the scene, doing nothing but chatting to each other.

I love the French.


4 thoughts on “Zut alors !

  1. my bro was less than impressed yesterday evening when he was stick at Calais docks….. I do think he got back to Blighty circa midnight though

    Love France (& Spain) and would happily move there for ever

  2. DP: I’m sure Sylvie has every right to preen and pose if she’s like every other French-woman i’ve met.

    70s: My sympathies to your Bro and all the other travellers who got held up, that must have been very frustrating, I just love the ‘don’t give a toss’ attitude of the French when they decide to protest.

  3. Mr. Frac is French (on one side… ) and I have never, ever seen him stick anything through a sheet like that.

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