My Pteromechonophobia

I’m terrified of flying. Or rather i’m terrified of being flown.

Back in the dark ages, I was fortunate enough to attend one of only 5 schools in the country that offered Aeronautics as a CSE subject.

For all you youngsters (put your hand down DP) out there, I didn’t miss a letter out in that last sentence. Before you had all these easy GCSEs, we studied at CSE level (think UEFA Cup), or GCE (Champion’s League).

Our Technical Drawing teacher also taught us Aeronautics.

He had a PPL (Private Pilot Licence) and I was lucky enough to fly with him and 2 other school-mates one day.

His airplane
(sorry DP, now I have international viewers, I feel it best to talk American, good for any idiots, sorry, customers, who are stupid enough to respond to ANY advert)

was a Jodel similar to the photo above.

I can’t remember what the plane looked like, I was too excited.

Don’t know how high we flew, but for some reason, when he stalled the plane, and we were pointing towards the earth, I remember him saying “if you stall, you will lose at LEAST 200ft”.

I loved it !!! Wanted to go up and stall again, but my school-friends were getting a little distressed, so we had to land.

It was always my ambition after school to become a pilot, but I never got the qualifications needed.

Had several trial flights with a view to getting my PPL, but it’s very expensive.

Still thinking of Microlights though.

A lot cheaper, and you can learn and get your licence in Spain.

Which brings me back why i’m even blogging on this subject……………

Spotted one of those Google Ads earlier.

Hmmmm, interesting……………………….

I was trying to give you a link to…. advertising on behalf of Tiger Airways.

But it doesn’t fill you with confidence if they can’t even spell ‘Licence’, have a look………………Oh! Has it been withdrawn ? Seriously thinking of ditching these numpties ADSENSE………………………..


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