Irish Eyes

Tried to write this the other day, but couldn’t upload the music I wanted for it.

Still haven’t got it, but I got distracted (I could spend days on YouTube!) and found this instead, OH! Sorry, she’s slipped to the bottom of the page.

My Sister sent me loads of e-mails today, jokes mostly (one laugh out loud one, I tried to copy the photo, but no luck), then I copy/pasted the source code to my dialogue box.

It looked like it had been written in some Martian version of HTML, hope I haven’t got some ‘Alien’ virus incubating in my laptop…………………

Sis (WestieWorld when she gets time to start it) also sent me a mail telling me my Mother now has her own e-mail address.

Only a few years ago, both my parents were such technophobes they wouldn’t even have a cell-phone.
My siblings and I are slowly persuading them.

I thought this would be a good time to also try to get my Sister into blogging.

The blog-site is already there to use. All she needs is the help to get started.

So I wrote out comprehensive instructions in an e-mail, only took me an hour or so. We are talking blind leading the blind here!

Should be easier for her though. I can’t remember how many times my laptop has come close to it’s first (and only) flying lesson from three floors up!

I’ve picked up everything I know from you guys and Goddesses (thankyou xxx) over the blogosphere.

Sis only has to bug me over the the phone……………mmmm, could be the cell phone taking flying lessons soon, I fancy………………

Sorry ? The relevance of the photo and vid?

Oh yeah, well I was going to talk about …….then I got sidetracked………….and……………..well, have a listen to Sinead O’Conner, haven’t got a clue what she’s on about, but she’s got a beautiful voice.


3 thoughts on “Irish Eyes

  1. This is nothing to do with my post.

    But I notice that……………….

    well d’ya think I ought to drop these ads by the ‘Wit of a Banker’ agency that Google has foolishly employed ?

  2. I was very lucky and had Penfold at the other end of a telephone line – cost a small fortune cos, as you know, he lives in Surfugal.

    I see that you’re all FMB geared up now – excellent

  3. And a brilliant job the surfsome one has done too.

    Yep, finally fuelling, learning all the time.

    PS. I’m glad to see someone else is still hard at it, I suppose your fracretary is too busy eating chocolate to post anything, I bet you can hardly move in your clippings room……..

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