This sign is in the garden of a B&B on the way to my least favourite (another time) but closest supermarket.

As it say’s on the tin, (sorry overseas viewers, ‘does what it say’s on the tin’ is a reference to a TV ad that I can’t remember any more).
Our local council is going to redevelop the land opposite unless anyone can come up with a bigger ‘bung’.

Whoops! Did I just infer that councillors might be corrupt as f***?

Not a good idea I guess, when you’ve just applied for a council job……………..

But who trusts any politician scumbag these days ?

But it’s not so bad really, for a moment there I thought that sign said they were going to move the river.



Talking about YouTube – tidal bore surfing
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8 thoughts on “Riverdance

  1. Pleased with that, I had to adjust the source code to get that to load, guess i’m in big trouble with someone if they disabled the code then ?

  2. most in the high places are corrupt maybe corrupt is a strong word .. it maybe only lobbying but the can be turned

  3. Mmmm, I think they could best be ‘turned’ by a hammer to the side of the head.

    I thought you were off to Brum anyway ??

  4. *Grumph* – got stitched up once by corrupt local councillors – *double grumph*

    Penfold showed me that clip a little while ago – fascinating – they’re all maniacs though …

  5. Sorry 70s, you confused me by bleaching your site, I preferred the colourful version, or are you just giving up colour for lent ?

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