Just been listening to the insanely funny Jeff Green on BBC Radio4.

When taxi-driving many years ago, before Jeff was famous, I picked him up from Butlin’s holiday camp in Bognor Regis, where he had been appearing.

I didn’t have a clue who he was at the time.

After fitting all his luggage in (there were enough suitcases for a whole family!),we set off for the railway station.

I always tried to engage my customers in conversation, it made the job so much more interesting.

“Where’re you off to then?”, I asked.
“Edinburgh”, he replied.
“EDINBURGH ??? you live in Edinburgh?”, I was trying to get my head round why a young guy would holiday in Bognor anyway, but Butlin’s?

“Don’t live there no, i’m appearing at the Edinburgh Festival”, he said.

Chichester library has recently been closed for a week, while refurbishment and building extension work was completed. I can’t describe the withdrawal symptoms I was displaying !

When it reopened, I was quite confused (nothing new there then) because the whole place had been re-arranged.

A bit like what your local supermarket does (that annoys me SOOO much!).

Imagine the scene:
08-30 Monday. Marketing Managers office.

“Ok guys, listen up, I want everyone in the loop here,
we need to push the envelope re: confusing the customer,
and I need all of you on the same page.
Firstly, Kirsty suggested swapping the Feminine Hygiene products and pasta sauces aisles,I think we can run with that, next item……………….”

Back to the library, had stuff to do in town today,
so I thought i’d quickly pop in
and have a look at the local paper.

After walking out with 3 more books, I suddenly realised that not only did I not read the paper, but ’cause they’ve moved everything, I didn’t even see them.

Going back in, I learnt that newspapers and magazines are now upstairs in the reference section.

When I eventually found somewhere to sit and read (Chichester has a large population of students from all over the world), I was reading the job section and dipping into my bag for a notepad to write some details down, when I realised I was sitting in the local history part of the library.

The next hour was spent perusing books about Sussex (no references to DP yet but there was a book that had an article about a nature reserve near him).
Also, another about the South Downs that listed all the plants found there, I never knew that there were so many.

I took the ‘Chi’ Observer back to park it on it’s shelf, and noticed the New Scientist magazine……………………….

Stuff for another post.


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