Tickets Please

………..I was reading Penfold’s blog

He was saying he didn’t know what
to write a blog about.

I had to have a quick mop up,
because empathy had leaked from
every orifice.

Blogging ideas seem to be like buses, all of sudden they all arrive at once.
(Unless, like DaddyPapersurfer, you
have a limitless ‘ideas well’ at the bottom of the garden).

My stressful day filling in yet another
online job application form, paled into
insignificance, after hearing that awful news about the Italian earthquake.

One of my Polish friends, Katia, last sent me a postcard from Viterbo, just North of Rome. I
rushed for my road map of Italy. It looks a long way from the epicentre, but I haven’t heard
from her for a long time. I hope she is safe.

Earlier today, after the joy of filling the Chichester District Council job application form (only about 2 hours, i’m
getting better at this), I was looking at my site.

One of the adverts there today was for Artisteer, who told me I could have a unique custom built blog-site with their

After downloading their trial version, I had a go.
I’m really pleased with the results, but I think I have to
cross their palms with silver before it can be published.

For most of the last century, the Wilkins ice shelf covered
an area of 16,000 square kilometres, or 6,000 square miles.

Since then several large areas have broken away.
In February 2008 the shelf lost 164 square miles, May ’08
saw another 62 sq. m. float away.

On Saturday, satellite images of Wilkins showed that a 40 kilometre strip of ice holding it in place
had snapped at it’s narrowest point.
This part that has detached is not just an iceberg.

It is the size of the state of Connecticut, about half the area of Scotland………………………………………..Eeeek!

Sarah Outen is 5 days into her journey, check her blog out now.


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