In a vain attempt to wean myself off my blogging
addiction, I got a book from the library today.

Shutting down my PC, I opened my book.

The first thing I read:

‘It’s not like i’m using’, Case heard someone
say as he shouldered his way through the
crowd around the door of the Chat.

Two pallets of sensible underwear will be
winging their way to this week’s lucky

All you need to do is tell me what book am I
reading ?




6 thoughts on “QUACKERS

  1. @ 70’s – you naughty girl! At least you didn’t tell me it was WG beginning his novel “N”

    But bottom of the class for you – and you should have a shot at the BBC Quiz of the Week!

    Me? I’m claiming the undercrackers!

  2. I’m impressed, but because of the economic down-turn, cost of aviation fuel, me having my lazy head on…………
    Do you mind if I leave your prize at DP’s for now ? (They’ll be quite safe, still got all the customs seals on them, we can put them in the basement)

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