Naughty, Naughty, Naughty………….

Yesterday I was helping Dave.

Dave lives in the flat below me.

He is a builder and very funny, but
as you know, i’m easily amused.

There was a problem with the TV aerial.
This concerned me not a jot, as I
don’t own or watch a TV.

But somehow I got involved in sorting the problem, because I live
in the flat at the top of the house, and all the aerial wires and connections end up in the cupboard
under the eaves.

After much dangling out of windows and hauling cables, we fixed the problem and everyone had a perfect picture on their TV.

Dave was very happy with the result, and poured me a celebratory glass of wine, as he showed
me stuff on his PC.

Sitting in Dave’s room was like being in PC Tech school !

I still don’t understand all the things he showed me (i’m easily confused). But a lot of it involved sussing out how your
PC hardware is perfoming.

The subject of this post was going to centre on a video that Dave Bluetoothed to my phone. I
uploaded it to my laptop OK,

but I still don’t know what i’m doing. The video is filed. It won’t upload to the blog.

So if you’re wondering about the relevance of the JCB, and the title of this post……………………………


3 thoughts on “Naughty, Naughty, Naughty………….

  1. This teasing must stop GW …. I always get over excited at the sight of a JCB – as you well know!!!!

  2. I think we should explain to all the Goddesses viewing, who already doubt our sanity, that this is a ‘boy thing’.
    They are obsessed with shopping, shoes, babies, and chocolate,
    while peabrains prefer machinery of almost any

  3. I knew that … but thought it was a more difficult answer you were looking for ….. now I know the level,,,,,,

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