I love trawling the interweave.

This post is about carnivorous plants, as you will have gathered from the photo above.

My Bluetooth nonsense is playing up again, so I can’t show you the photo I took earlier.

Whilst looking at Google images for a suitable pic to steal, I came across this.

It bears absolutely no relevance to what I wanted to talk to you about, but I hope it entertains
you as much as it did me.

The article that accompanies the photo includes some song lyrics:

Veronika, it’s Spring again,
The girlies sing their sweet refrain,
The whole wide world’s a lover’s knot,
Oh sparagus, how big you’ve got !
My dear Veronika, the world is green,
Those woods would make a handy screen.
For even your your old Grandpa, says to your old Grandma:
Veronika, it’s Spring again !

I rarely get through a day without this ditty coursing through my mind.

Couldn’t find the writing credits.

Nothing to do with you John ?????

Can’t wait to see what adverts get linked to this !


2 thoughts on “Bodysnatchers

  1. Is there someone sitting in the Adsense HQ, looking at all our blogs, thinking WTF?
    “I’ll just chuck’em a load of airline ads, after all, I need a free flight to Warsaw” ?

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