Can anyone get this monkey off my back?

First of all, can I spread my thanks across the blogosphere to everyone
who helped me yesterday.

That was a very stressful 7 hours.

How have I become so dependent on this blogging ?

Heroin is one of the few drugs that I have never touched.
But I have many friends who have.

I once went to Gatwick Airport to pick
up 2 friends who were arriving from a
holiday in Spain.

Like all the rest of the drivers there, I was gazing at the arrivals screen. Their flight finally came
up and said LANDED. I went and duly paid my £2-40 for 1/2 inch of coffee.

There is always at least 45 minutes wait, usually nearer an hour before your customers come through. So I went and found a comfy(not) chair.
I was well into my book, there was an arrivals screen above me.
After an hour, with the screen still telling me LANDED, I thought WTF?

I went to the enquiries desk to ask about the delay.

When the plane landed it blew a tyre. For some reason they wouldn’t let anyone off ’til the tyre
had been replaced.

When my friends eventually came out, one of them was so pale I thought he’d seen a ghost. Paul
was grey. I knew what that meant.

I got them in the car and had the pedal to the floor (how did I not get a speeding ticket that day?).

We were nearly at Littlehampton, when they asked me to stop. Both of them got out and had to vomit.

I was worried now. Both of my friends looked really ill.

Paul, looking even greyer now, assured me they’d be OK, and directed me to an address in Littlehampton.
We arrrived at the address, but I was asked to park at the back of the house, in a sort of service

When they came out, I was amazed.
They had gone in looking like death, and came out with a spring in their step, looking like they’d just spent a week at a health spa.

Please, DON’T do Heroin . Nasty, nasty, nasty.

Thanks to Dr. Su-May Yu for the photo.

Google ‘Su-May’ to find her blog.


6 thoughts on “Can anyone get this monkey off my back?

  1. Excellent post young GW. I have always been extremely wary of drug use and even though I was in art school during the 60’s my only ‘sin’ was and is smoking [nicotine – not weed!]. Alcohol I can take or leave but nicotine remains a pleasure ….. cigars now of course – I do have standards you know – tee hee

  2. Thankyou DP.
    The photo was actually meant for a completely different subject, so it bears no relevance to the post, but if you like it, I consider that high praise.

  3. yep H is very very naughty ….

    glad all is sorted on your blog I hate it when I can’t fathom what is up …

  4. I made a doobie with my friends when I was 14.

    We took a sheet of school paper behind the barn, put a handful of hay in it, looked more like a tube with a cone end. 11.5 inches long.

    Yeah…drugs are bad. Never did that again. The farmer put his boot to my friend’s butt chasing us before we got it half smoked.

  5. Indeed he was, I only know because back in my taxi-driving days, I was in the office when my boss offered my colleague a job to pick up said ‘H’ from an exclusive country hotel.

    He was desperate to get the someone to do the job, and said ” Mick, d’ya wanna go pick up ‘H’ from the ‘Eager Squirrel’?
    Think she’s that really fit blond out of Steps”.

    Several drivers who were in the office, had to be attended to by the duty first-aid person, after nearly choking on their coffee.

    The hilarity had to be explained to me, ‘cos I didn’t have a clue who Steps were…………

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