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6 thoughts on “Thanks Blogger

  1. Considering the time ….. I might investigate further …… later …… but probably won’t …… although I’m naturally drawn to goddesses ……. as they are to me …. tee hee

  2. I read over at “Tales of the Goddessless” that changing one’s password to something stronger…can be provacative as well.

    Something Engrishers enjoy online, others don’t seem to understand that who speak Islish and such.


  3. Oh my. I thought it was your April fool's joke, but I guess it was actually someone else's joke… that obviously wasn't funny to you and others they likely pranked.

    John's point about a stronger password is right on the money. Even when people think of some obscure word to use as a password that they think is good because no one would ever guess it, it's still not good. Why? Because there are little farts out there who develop little applications that basically just go through every word in every dictionary known to man until one of them turns up to be your password. They have little bots running this and it never even inconveniences them… and the payoff is that they get some folks' passwords. Twitter was hacked this way a couple of months ago and many accounts were compromised.

    So… a good pasword is one that adds numbers and symbols to a word in such a way that it becomes not a word. Also, the use of both upper and lower case is advised. With all these factors, it becomes hard to crack a password.

    However… all of that makes passwords hard to remember so then folks write them down which opens them up to abuse from anyone finding where they've written it down.

    I have solutions for all of that, 'cause I'm crafty and devious. (Please don't tell DP, he still thinks I'm nice and sweet.)

    Make up a silly phrase with all of those factors, and then you won't have a problem remembering it. For example (and clearly, I have never used this password anywhere, it's just an example…):


    You see, the phrase can be memorable to you and still use all the factors, making it hard for others to figure out.

    I actually have quite a bit of fun with this. Some days, I even use my passwords as a means to vent something (or someone) I am angry about.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thankyou for your advice, much appreciated, I thought my password was pretty good. So again I have been slagging the wrong people.

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