Politicians, don’t ya just love’em?

Breaking news:
Extreme protection measures were
ordered for the incoming flight of
AirForce 1 at Stansted Airport tonight

A government spokesperson from
Home Secretary Jacquie Smith’s
office said “These measures have only
cost the British tax payer £1.8million,
and that includes full access to all adult channels, and a motorbike
courier, should the President and the
First Lady wish to avail themselves
of the extensive video selection at
the Home Secretary’s residence,
we believe this represents the value that HM Government have always robustly offered” the Home
Secretary was said to be not available for comment .


2 thoughts on “Politicians, don’t ya just love’em?

  1. Yep, I consider myself fairly intelligent, but
    I’ve had many moments of extreme stupidity
    (usually having something to do with alcohol or
    other intoxicating substances).

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