Mr. Edge welcomes you

Well, I was going to take back all my ranting against the technoverse ‘cos
I tried again.

(If at first you don’t succeed, try try again, if it still doesn’t work – give up, no point in being a damn fool about it!)

So now I CAN upload from my phone, or rather I COULD, ‘cos now it’s not
having it again!

Maybe i’ll just save my slagging for
T-Mobile, as they are not only my ISP, but also my cell phone provider.

Onto more important matters.
After only 60 years (Tardiness? what
are you implying Sir/Madam?) the
gorgeous South Downs have been
awarded ‘National Park’ status.

Having walked and cycled the 100 or
so miles of the South Downs Way, I
must applaud this decision.
The SDW takes you through some
jaw-droppingly beautiful countryside
Some of the highlights include Devil’s Dyke (for our overseas visitors, I must explain that this isn’t a perverted Gitwizard euphemism,
it really IS called that) and the QE2 country park (again, I feel that a little explanation is called
for here. There isn’t a ginormous retired ocean liner parked on the Downs, but maybe that would
have been a good marketing move to encourage our cousins from ‘over the pond’ to visit !)

This post is all over the place,
because this is my first attempt at
publishing multiple images and I can’t suss out how to have a photo, followed by some text, then another photo, more text etc etc ………………

Going back to the ‘Cliff Edge’ photo
I am currently lobbying the National
Park’s executive to have this warning
translated into Polish in case folks from other nations may also be SO stoopid as to not realise they are standing very close to 300 foot ‘base-jumping’ oblivion !

More to bore you all with on the
job application front, but i’ll save it
for another day.

Get back to DaddyPapersurfer’s,
It’s only you visitors that keep him awake you know.

Thanks to the BBC, and all at
Talking Ts ( for
the loan of the images, i’ll bring’em
back soon…………………………………


2 thoughts on “Mr. Edge welcomes you

  1. Lovely – an area we know well.

    Beachy Head is a tad spooky though. All the little monuments for jumpers, a permanent Chaplain available for a chat. The TG & I went up there last year for the first time in many years and didn't like the atmosphere at all. Quite a few ghouls around as well – people are very odd.

  2. Ooh, I wasn’t aware of all that Beachy Head stuff.
    My favourite bits are nearer where I live, the QE2 Country Park is beautiful, I could quite happily live in there in my tent.

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