I can be that dumb-ass!

Well that wasn’t too painful.

I’ve just spent a joyful 90 minutes
filling in another on-line job
application form.

This time to be a postman, guess I
oughter say ‘postperson’, but as I AM
a man, and I don’t give a f***, (sorry
just gotta give the mule some hay)

where was I? Oh yeah, ‘kin stoopid
application form designers.

One of my favourite questions, was:,

‘Mother’s maiden name’
In the space allowed for this answer, you are warned ‘limit 4000 characters’,

phew ! i’ll just get away with my Mum’s then

Featherstonehaugh-Williams- Jiminycricket-Snotnose-Gutbucket-£$%^&*-Jones

(I bet some of our readers don’t know how to pronounce that first one DP?)

End of rant.



3 thoughts on “I can be that dumb-ass!

  1. Happy birthday indeed – *cheers*

    I hate application forms as well which goes a long way to explain why I’ve never had a proper job …..

  2. Wow – you’ve gone blog crazy -I can’t keep up!!! I was job hunting this time last year – that when this blog started (strangely enough!) but now I have one after thousands of applications (I made myself do 5 per day!) Thank goodness thats over!!!

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