This photee scares the shit out of me!

How could any moron let this happen?

Let alone photograph it.

I wonder if that child is still alive.

I found this on another Blog, commenters thought
this was amusing.

It makes me feel sick

Unless the dog’s dead?


11 thoughts on “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS AT HOME

  1. Actually… it reminds me of when my #3 was about 1 1/2. We’d just had new carpet laid in the oldest’s bedroom (which was off the family room… a den kind of room he claimed for his room) and he’d left a whiteboard marker out. The room had pocket doors and so #3 managed to get the door open while I was in the other room (yes… bad mom fracas) and proceeded to use the marker to draw (what he thought) was a lovely picture all over the brand new carpet.

    These things happen.

    Here’s some proof. I actually posted this photo at fracas long time ago but can’t find it in my own archives. LOL… too many posts I guess, well over 1000.

    Anyway… thank goodness the kids are older now. 😉

  2. Okay… I’m laughing at myself now. That photo is NOT of any of the fraccy children (though it does kind of look like me when I was a tot) it’s just a photo that made its rounds on the net some time ago.

  3. A carpet won’t chew your kid’s face off.
    In this country we have had so many kid’s
    killed by dogs, frightening !

  4. Hmm. Not sure what I did wrong there, but I decided not to link to someone else’s site and use up their bandwidth… I uploaded it to the fracas blog (yes, again… lol) and it’s here:

    I’ve left it as the url (clickable) just in case something goes wrong again.. you could just copy/paste it to your browser.

    But yes… I see what you mean about the dog. Perhaps the dog was out (medication) or something and they knew the kid was safe? I hope so. The tot in the link I left though… OMG.

  5. yes definitely not the breed of dog to practice your art skills …. but it was obviously a big softy … we had a doberman that would have let you do that

  6. Highlight what you want to copy – Right click – go down to copy – right click. What you’ve copied in now on your ‘clip board’. Left click where you want to paste it – right click – go down to paste and then left click. Voila!!!

    I dislike those dogs intensely – ugly b*****s

  7. Thankyou all for the advice, i’ve got too much
    to say in this comment, and if I DID start, the
    tossers who are my ISP, would probably close me down. Hello? Hello?

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