Friendly wolf-like dogs

Aah, i’m at my blogsite at last.

Being a newcomer, I guess I ought to
calm down, and not throw this lap-top
out the window.

Is it my piece’o’shit ISP (who I won’t
mention for fear of embarrassing
T-Mobile), or is it Blogger, or even
ADVENT whose ‘dongle’ and software
I bought from my local ****** superstore (hmmmm……have I been
hacked by that Chinese scamalot crew?)

Anyway, today I had loads to do.
A new phone was first (my last one
died in a tragic drowning).

After I had sorted that, I was taking
photos like a photo taking maniac.

As I walked back from Tesco, I met ‘Tai’ the Alaskan Malamute and his owner. He wasn’t running through the snow, ‘cos it’s sunny and hot here, think that might be a ‘Saskatchewoon’

I stopped his owner and asked if I could photo him, we chatted for quite a while, she didn’t seem
at all put out that I had held her up for so long, she said he was a bit of a local celebrity, complete
strangers now knew him by name. I guess she was used to being stopped.

Worrying about my overdue library bill, I continued into Chichester city.
As I neared the cathedral, I had to stop several times to take more photos, ‘cos of the way the setting sun was glinting off the stained glass windows. I don’t do religion, but I love the architecture.

After borrowing Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘RANT’, from the library, I headed home. I was quite excited
‘cos at last I had a camera again, so I could bore you in different ways!

But can I upload my carefully taken photos, CAN I F***! *simmering* (about to explode).

How did I forget that ? Whilst outside TESCO today, waiting for a very important call-back, my
friend Tessa walked by.

Hello Tessa, have you visited yet, or are you still glued to DaddyPapersurfer ? (be careful, he’s



5 thoughts on “Friendly wolf-like dogs

  1. Anyone who visits here, please have a look at the Sarah Outen blog (link on your right), she’s about to set off again on a very dangerous single handed rowing attempt from Orstralia across the Indian Ocean. Ta.

  2. The ‘Tai’ I met was even more gorgeous than that one.
    Eventually i’ll work out a way of uploading my pictures.

  3. How do you process your piccies? Unless my eyes deceive me that’s a photo which seems to be on your blog.

    If you continue having difficulties, I’ll have a look in my ‘secret’ blogger account and try and find out what’s amiss …..

    Carry on – it’s going very well ……

  4. All photos on the blog have so far been downloaded from sites like Google Images, Photobucket etc. Except my gravatar which I photgraphed from the original hard copy and then uploaded using my then perfectly performing ‘dongle’. Doesn’t want to Bluetooth now though, most frustrating!

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