I’ll try not to bore you to tears,
but i’m on a Tour de France tip again.

Where’ve you all gone?

At least ‘Snowy’ might pop in for a peep.

This obviously is a mountain road.
It’s in the French Pyrenees. It is
sometimes part of the route of one of
the stages of LeTour.

Also obviously, it’s not a good idea to park up here, so we wait up at the finish. About another 50k on.

When you are following the Tour
through the mountains, it is like a
festival. There are people from all
over the world there.

Even some of the finishing mountains are dodgy. When the Tour is in the Alps or Pyrenees, it seems like every motorhome in Europe is parking on the verges.

In 2001 I drove my taxi over to France. We stayed with my friend’s French relations on the way to the mountains. Wine, Pastis, cheese, etc…………………………………………………………………

It’s an absoloute pain in the arse getting out of the mountains after the race has passed by.
The Gendarmes won’t let anyone move until all the logistics are sorted, so you can be sitting up
there for hours.

That is why we arrived at the next stage at about midnight!
My friend said “lets go up the mountain (Luz-Ardiden) and find a parking spot”. I’d already driven a very long way, and was very weary, I wasn’t too keen.

We made our way up, the only parking spaces were hanging over the edge of the cliff, I was
too tired to negotiate that.
I turned round and started down again, we went down past about 3 hairpins, and all of a sudden
a man was standing in the road waving his hands at me, and pointing downwards……………

I saw what he meant immediately. There were about 20 pantechnichcons coming up the narrow
mountain roads ! These were the TV lorrys, the crowd control barrier lorrys, and God knew what else…………eeeek!


2 thoughts on “EEASY TIGER!!!!

  1. The Tour de France came past the end of our road when we lived in Kent ….. bliming writing all over the road and the cyclists whizzed past in seconds …… tsk

  2. Not many mountains in Kent though, i’m surprised the road sprayers bothered, that’s all for the zillion TV helicopters following the tour.

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