Nurses on Bicycles

7-times winner of the Tour de France
and top ‘Twitterer’, Lance Armstrong
crashed in his latest race in Spain.

His team have said he is still on for this years ‘LeTour’ even though he broke his collar bone in the accident.

For those of you who think cycle racing is slightly less interesting
than synchronised swimming, I would
urge you visit that mountain top resort where one of the day’s stages

My Father is amongst the ‘anti brigade’, he once came with us to Duncton Hill to watch the Tour of Britain riders. My friend and I were really excited to see so many famous cyclists on ‘our patch’. After the peloton had passed
by, we were discussing the likely outcome of the race, I said “so what did you think Dad?”.

He turned to me and giving me one of his ‘how did I have anything to do with bringing this idiot to life?’ looks, shrugged and said “it’s all much of a muchness really”.
(Really Diane,those were his words).


4 thoughts on “Nurses on Bicycles

  1. I don’t seem to be able to get out of my bear skin … hey ho
    I happened to be in Paris at the end of the Tour De France….. it was exciting, very colourful and the crowds were fanatical … it was nice to see but I am not a fan

  2. Apparently, they are nurses, even better, there’s something about a nurse’s uniform that
    excites the loins, mine anyway………

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