BBC news tells me that “The fate of the £954million deposited by more than
100 councils and other public bodies in Icelandic banks remains uncertain”

Councils wasting money?

Surely not.

When I was driving a taxi in the Sussex ‘beauty spot’ of Littlehampton, one of our regular customers was a local councillor.

After picking him up from his office one evening, we were making our way back to his home
when we came upon the annoying ‘traffic calming’ exercise that was being built on the back
of beyond bit of his route home.

“What’s all this about Mike, they’ve been at it for weeks, must be costing us a ‘kin fortune ?” I asked the coucill0ur .

Oh , you know, we have to use our budget every year otherwise it’ll be reduced next year.
he replied.


12 thoughts on “Wasters

  1. I had a similar experience in a taxi with our MP [the local train was cancelled ].. he was waiting for the train so called for a cab .. he asked if I wanted to share his cab cheeky not to I thought ….it didn’t start well as I said are you our councillor … he replied ‘I am your MP’ oops … lets just say he didn’t stand up to ‘close’ questioning about local issues and I guess he was a bit sorry he picked me to share that 20 minute journey lol 😉

  2. That is very true – the education system works the same way. Some very rushed and stupid decisions are made at the end of the fiscal year.

    The Youth Wing I used to work in ended up with 6 table tennis tables that could only accommodate 2 …… I suggested that the money was spent on a party …….

  3. Anybody who checks in over here, should also have a look at ‘Long tall animals’, after the water-shed today.

  4. We don’t have taxi service here in Canada. We tried… but the ox got smart, called up Pamela Anderson (a bane to the rest of us Canadians I tell you) and put a stop to our using them for our own personal needs.

    Pam seemed to think the solution was just to let everyone ride her… but so far it hasn’t really helped us much.

  5. A Friday night Mwah! winging it’s way to you
    Thinkinfyou,(gonna listen to the ‘Presidents’ in a minute).

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