More Strangeness

More taxi-drivng tales.

I was parked on the Bognor Regis
pier rank.

Weather was great that year, scorching sun all day.

It was chucking out time for the
night-clubs, so we all got back in
our cabs, hoping for all those easy
local jobs, where you could transport
your customers at 60mph back to the
suburbs, and then speed back to scoop up the stragglers.

All the cabs moved up, a young couple approached, “can you take us to Midhurst (about 15 miles North) please?”,
oh well, guess I wasn’t gonna make a fortune that night then.

Could’ve been worse, they were both very polite, clean, and sober.
The default customer at 3am is drunk, slow, and covered in kebab ‘special sauce’ . Usually friendly though.

The best route to Midhurst from the coast, is up through Chichester, past the Rolls Royce factory (if you’re not a local, you wouldn’t know it was there, most of it being underground).

We headed North, taking it easy (no point in rushing, by the time I got back, even the
stragglers would’ve been ‘scooped’).

I was pleased to have picked up such friendly people, and as we started the ascent of the ‘Trundle’ (the road to the top of Goodwood racecourse, the top is actuallly called Saint Roche’s hill, but nobody call’s it that), my headlights showed us a strange

My passenger and I said “what the f*** is that??!!!!”

I slowed to a crawl, in front of me , a white cube shaped object was moving uphill very slowly.

This thing was about 1.5 metres on each side, I approached very carefully, it was
moving very slowly.

Eventually, I was close enough to accelerate pass it.
It wasn’t until we passed, that we realised it was a golf buggy!

After we had got to Midhurst and stopped laughing, I made my way back. As I started the steep ascent back up to the ‘Trundle’, I could see flashing lights in the sky.

I stopped at the top and told the police that I had seen it on the way up, the offenders were long gone.


4 thoughts on “More Strangeness

  1. it could have been worse it could have still contained golfers in weird golfing clothing!!
    [love the piccie]

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